Tuesday, November 11, 2008


today my washer and dryer were delivered. I've never been so thrilled to do laundry! They also brought my replacement laptop, which is way better than the first one. One problem: I didn't know Nikki's password, so I couldn't use it. Yeah, it hadn't been reformatted. So back it went again. Thankfully, the delivery guys live in my neighborhood, and they took the laptop back, had the techie guy reformat it, and dropped itoffat my house when they were on their way home. Awesomeness, seriously. And in the meantime, I did 10 loads of laundry, literally.

I haven't really had a computer that I could use for several days now, so I'm WAY behind on my work. And man am I glad to have a computer again! But right now I have to get all my files and programs loaded onto here, and get all my emails set up in my Outlook express again, so I'm off!

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