Saturday, June 11, 2005

Tarheel Tavern

The Tar Heel Tavern for June 12th is up at A Sort of Notebook.

There are photographs and 'fishing' tales and poetry, political/moral issues, and musings on fatherhood.
Stop in, have a drink, and listen to their stories!


  1. so, how do you feel? You did your first reading without leaving home.

  2. too bad there wasn't a little cyber scotty at the table selling chaps! ;)

  3. oooh, so THAT's a carnival! I like the idea a lot. I checked in, and it's cool to get a glimpse of what North Carolina looks like, cuzzI ain't ne'er been dere.

  4. lmao that was my reaction when I figured it out too. You know, we could do an MTC carnival...

  5. Or just a poetry blog carnival.
    (a blogetry carnival?)