Thursday, June 2, 2005


Your Birthdate: July 4

Being born on the 4th day of the month should help make you a better manager and organizer.

You may be more responsible and self-disciplined than you realize.

Sincere and honest, you are a serious and hard working individual.

Your feelings are likely to seem somewhat repressed at times.

The number 4 has something of an inhibiting effect on your ability to show and express affections, as feeling are very closely regulated and controlled.

You are apt to be much more practical, rational, and conscious of details.

There is a good deal of rigidity and stubbornness associated with the number 4.


  1. I felt I found you in here. Some of it, at least. I posted mine on my blog...not so much

  2. mine was more on target than I'll like to admit, and in some ways not at all. I liked the Jedi pickup line blogthing and the what kind of american english do you speak blog thing. they were cool. i'm only 10% Dixie and 30% Yank. The rest is "General". Hrm.