Saturday, June 4, 2005


For all that one negative comment can take out of you, one man and a few emails can put back double! Billy the Blogging Poet is my hero of the day. (No I won't have one daily, sorry) I emailed 2 local poets, both listed on NCBlogs last night, asking for advice on where to find poetry related venues and places to sell my chapbook. One returned with some advice and his honest opinion. The other, Billy, answered me with lists of ideas and venues, blogs, sites and people to contact. If Greensboro were within arms reach, I'd hug his neck.

As of this morning I was feeling none too hopeful about my chances of finding a way of marketing my chap. Then I got his first email, and it was like someone threw the switch to 'on' for me. And what amazes me most is that he didn't offer for some personal gain, he didn't stand to gain a thing from helping me out - he did it out of good old fashioned southern hospitality.


  1. sounds like a great guy...I had more to say, but no...

  2. Glad to be of help. I know first hand how hard it is.