Sunday, June 26, 2005

Chapbook Sales

So the publisher's contract works like this, I send the poems, they make a chapbook, at no cost to me. As a matter of fact, I received 10 free copies. OK actually she sent me 9 and kept one to use as a demonstration piece for a grant she was applying for, but anyway, I get published + 9 books, at no charge. My only obligation was to reorder once.

Now, if folks order online, I get 40% of the sales, but I've said all along that I was a lousy sales person, and have proven it, by selling a whopping 15 books so far. Fifteen books in a month. That's just sad. The fun part is, I used my percentage of the sales of those 15 to re-order, so that I know my end of the contract is fulfilled.

Therefore, I will, as of the middle of July, have 58 copies of a book I don't know how to sell.
I have plans for 2 of them, and I have one more guaranteed sale.

so what to do with the other 56? Haha Christmas presents anyone!?

So here's the deal, if anyone wants a copy of the chapbook, I'll sell it to you friom the pile I'm about to have for $5 plus Shipping and handling, which comes to a little over $6. Just drop me an email and we'll work it all out.


  1. Hey E,

    How long does it take them to ship anyway? I think we ordered almost two weeks ago!

  2. J ordered a month ago...

    depends on how long it takes Shaela to hit the "ship now" button - and to be honest, she tries (I think) to wait till she has a few at a time to ship.

  3. Tell J I said, "Neener neener neener! I got mine! :-P" Just kidding. I did get it, but it's a little weird, like I mentioned to you. And no, I have not emailed her yet. Doesn't seem critical and I am lazy unless something is critical.

    Have you thought about Ebay? I'm not kidding, either. You could set a minimum price ($5 plus S&H) and see what happens. Couldn't hurt, right? I'm sure someone out there collects Chapbooks, or poetry by women named Erin (in which case, I better start some auctions, too!) Lol. Anyway, my point just is that you never know what people are on Ebay looking for. Might be you!

  4. Actually I had thought of eBay but w/o a credit card, you can't sell on eBay :|

  5. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Send Fred ( an email. He wrote and published and sold his own book on losing a gazillion pounds or something like that. He can give you tips. Also, have you seen the HUGE number of chapbooks on Amazon? Maybe you could start talking to them. Also small, local bookstores LOVE things by local authors. Borders and B&N do too. They have an entire section for local authors in each store. Sell a stack to the local coffee shops for them to place on their counter. The possibilities are endless.....

    I adore mine, I was thinking of ordering some for holiday time actually, I'll let you know for sure.

  6. omg Magdala! I just went on the hunt for info on Waldenbooks, and woohee! I'm going up there tomorrow to talk to them! You SO totally rock!

    Also, we have a few local bookstores, one of which I'm already planning on talking to, a few more on my list to check out...

    I have a list of "gotta-dos" that I have to get off my ass and DO!

    Email me about those chaps if you're interested :)