Wednesday, June 8, 2005


So a lot of you have heard about the ezboard crash. I am a member of a few EZBoard communities, and yes my stuff was wiped off of them the same as anyone else's. But I keep things backed up, you know? I learned that lesson the hard way, several times. (I'm hard headed, what can I say?) So I have everything saved on my hard drive, on discs, on various websites.

It's been 9 days since the hack, and I'm still hearing people whine about the things that they lost. I have no sympathy, shoulda backed that shit up. Period.

So anyway, the whining drives me crazy, the slow page loads drive my computer bananas, and I've been busy with other stuff, like gardening and chapbook sales. So tonight I get word that one of the boards I belong to seems to be getting restored, so I go check it out. I then realize that at least for tonight, I'm apathetic and disinterested, and tell one of the members there exactly that. He says," The boards coming back? Wtf do you care, you're published! Screw the internet!"

I just had to laugh, like I'm above my old buddies suddenly because I have a chapbook. Wee I have a book of my own poetry - and 10 people have bought it. I may now rest on my laurels and begin to forget the little people. In the big picture, Poetic Acceptance is so much nothing! Maybe I'll start being an arrogant ass and see how far it gets me. Worked for Bukowski, right?

In other areas of life tonight, Vickie has deemed herself my personal assistant and public relations person. She's worth money. I've got my press release/promotional blurb from her, and she's made me a spread sheet for everything I'd ever need to track, contacts, a calendar, one for income from sales, one for what I'm calling Notes-toself, and one for keeping track of where I submit, when, and what issue of the publication they go in - assuming they're accepted.

I'd probably have gone crazy eventually without being able to organize this stuff. I'm not so organized, and I've never made a spreadsheet, so she may be what keeps me outta the loony-poets bin.


  1. I like the way this is progressing for you, dear. And Vickie is good people for doing that. Does she free-lance? ;-)

  2. why are you asking her?

  3. dayum...I have no such spreadsheet. Dayum...I hadn't even THOUGHT of that!

  4. I hope you still care about us. I'm beyond the chap books and have been published in TMP about 8 times. I still care about you. Hugs! Congrats. I bought your book btw, told you the other day, but I think you missed it. :)


  5. Believe it or not Cher, this has nothing to do with you or the Versifier. My life is a whirlwind right now, very little time or Erin left at the end of the day.

    And, yes, the whining bugs the piss out of me when I've got bigger, real-er personal problems to deal with. But I think you personally have done an excellent job of keeping it together and not being a whiney brat ovr there.

    "beyond chapbooks?"
    I'm happy to know you feel that that you've outgrown them Chapbooks. This being my first, I haven't. I'm sure eventually I'll rise above them as well.

    You know, John Sweet just had a new one come out - through TMP.

    8 times in TMP? wow, congrats! I've only known about TMP for about 6 or 8 weeks. I figure I'm doing pretty well with 2 acceptances in 2 issues!

    I appreciate you buying my chap, as I do all sales. I know I won't get rich off of poetry, but it's nice to know people enjoy my work. Thanks for the support Cher.

  6. Hugs! I think you're great. If Ken likes your work, most likely you'll get accepted a lot. :) He must adore you. Good girl! xo

  7. Anonymous1:53 AM

    lil pikey--
    stomp on our heads, mine anyway. i like it! i been readin a lot of this here, maybe ill make one too. itll be compleely uninteresting.

  8. haha Pikey! You're definitely not a lil people.

    Get a blogger blog damn it! I'm such a twit I can't find your other one anymore, and it wouldn't be uninteresting, it'd be Pikey-ish, and I'd be a daily visitor.