Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pissed at Technorati

So Technorati released it's 'beta' version to give us a test drive/sneak peek a little while back. I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but attributed that to the whole "fear of change" phenomena - and continued to use the nice familiar version for all of my Technorati searches.

Yestrday, as I scrolled down my blog to check on comments, I realized that my technorati tag was vastly changed, and now includes my picture. I reacted to that with a resounding "Oh no!" I clicked it to find that the beta version had become the new format, and the old much-loved format was a thing of the past.

OK, I can deal with the new tag, the silly tiny little picture, but has anyone else noticed that the searches now take an AGE to load? Or that they don't include as much information? Or that the green they chose is blinding? Or that I'm really just very upset about this!? (Absolutely NO hormone/mood swing jokes will be tolerated here - this is serious business!)

It seems, according to my preliminary research, that the search results are more limited than before. One thing I like to keep up with is how many people link to my blog. Official count, per the good version of Technorati, was 24 links from 23 places. The new version shows 24/23 at the top, but only shows 19 that I can actually click and visit. That means that somewhere there are 5 links that fell out of sight somewhere. Yeah yeah, I know I'm still linked there, but now I can't get to them, and that pisses me off.


  1. At the risk of sounding 100, well, that's progress for you!

  2. heh, damn modern language - progress USED to mean improvement, FORWAD motion?