Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Drama Queens

As if drama queens aren't bad enough, I've found something even worse: a drama queen who dramatically professes her hatred of drama, while making dramatic "oh woe is me" comments. People amuse me.

So, my reaction to this person is this:

There is great satisfaction in knowing I have been the more honest and bigger person by keeping to my word of NOT mentioning you or the situation. Enjoy the infantile satisfaction you think you've found in your drama. People do see you for what you are.

Karma is a grand grand thing.


  1. It was me! I was the turkey all along!

    okay -- maybe not. *grin*

  2. lol you goof ball!

  3. I love this insight! "...from the mouth of babes...", literally and figuratively, hon. :-) You ~ARE~ younger than me and well, you know, hubba, hubba, hubba ~ML, kid, you RULE! Happy Friday!