Sunday, June 19, 2005

population fluctuation

So as the human population is set to rise, and the whole rodent guts in the kitchen incident foretold - I have managed to find homes for 2 of my cats, and only have one more kitten to find a home for. The big black male from outside is more of a wandering tom who keeps his guts outside and shows little interest in coming in, so he's welcome to stay a while longer. All that's left is the adorable little black and grey female kitten - I'm sure I'll have no trouble finding a place for her.

And the pups are only a week away from being old enough to move out as well - 6 of them will be given away, along with their mother, and we'll keep the one male - I call him dirt, but officially, I think his name will be Claymore. Derived from his coloration (like he's rolled in red clay dust) and his father's name, which is Biltmore.

Isn't a claymore some sort of mine, like BOOM! an explosive? I hope that isn't an omen or anything, maybe I'll rethink that name)

So my next immediate obstacle will be finding the mama dog a home. If she were male, I'd have no worries about accomplishing said feat. She's sweet as she can be, very well tempered with kids, great as a watch dog (especially if you're ever attack by squirrel-type invaders) And she's cute, in a Heinz 57 muttly sort of way. Unfortunately, she's female, and highly prolific (sounds vaguely familiar, hmmm) which makes people not so eager to take her.

So, if you'd like to pre-order a puppy, drop a reply on here and I'll fed-ex one to you.
Yeah, just kidding, sheesh!


  1. A claymore is a Scottish long sword- think Braveheart!

  2. hey, martin stole my answer -- it is long, like 5 feet, and heavy. I want one.

    I want a puppy too.... *sigh* but I know I can't have one.

  3. A sword!? Perfect - my kids are all dragon/sword freaks! Actually Tommy has a collection of swords and daggers and such. Perfect name then!

    As for you wanting a puppy L - I know your addy, I could label it "house warming gift..."

    You'd LOVE the one little girl. She's a dalmation, as far as looks go, all white with tiny little dalmation puppy polka dots - but her eyes are SO blue.

    All of our kids have Scott's eyes, which are ice blue - I keep teasing him about being jealous because this puppy has "his" eyes. . . She's beautiful, I want her, but no. lol.