Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Stepping on the Dead

There are certain things you don't want to deal with, regardless of time of day, you know? Stepping on the dead bits the cat(s) brought me yesterday was one of those things, another was that when I went to feed and water the dog and check on her puppies, I nearly steped on the fly encrusted headless mound of stench that was once an opossum. I guess she must have thought it was gonna get the pups and killed it, but good lord the smell, and I'm telling you, if I'd have stepped on it, I'd STILL be scrubbing my feet ok? Nasty.

We were reinvaded by ants after dinner too, little bastards.

This morning though, so far so good!
The puppies are, as puppies tend to be, adorable. The father is the neighbor's beast - some sort of boxer with 2 different colored eyes, (and a fascination with my garbage can) one blue and one brown. Our dog Sissy is part lab, part dalmation and part pit (I think) she's a mutt really, but those are the characteristics you can pick out. So we have 7 pups, one is a dalmation look-a-like, only she has bright blue husky dog eyes. She's beautiful. If I could afford a sex change for her, I'd keep her. Then we have 5 that are various combinations of black with white markings, a couple have different colored eyes, all cute, one female in particular. And one little guy is black and brown with 2 brown eyes, sounds plain, but the way he's marked is too cute. My Southern visitors will know what I mean when I say he looks like he's dusted with red clay dust. The brown hair is mixed in with the black, a bit like highlights, but from a distance he looks the color of good old NC dirt.

Yes, down here, the dirt is orange. The only place it isn't is in places that it's been cultivated and stuff. I remember coming back down here from New York and wondering at the color of the dirt where the road was cut into the sides of hills. Hell, in New York, the dirt is the same color as day old snow, black (lol sorry New Yorkers)

Anyway, there's that boring entry, hopefully I'll have something more/better to say later :)


  1. hey, dont knock NYC black snow....its

  2. Anonymous12:07 PM

    A writer's eye for detail you have, Erin. That last description reminds me of a dog my two old maid aunts had called "Nigger". They fed him and he protected their home when he wasn't off getting into fights. I wrote a poem about him but many readers couldn't get past his name and such.


  3. Gunner Kaufman... awesome name lol, I didn't notice your name while I was at your blog. Thanks for stopping by! lol, original eh? Unique ;) There are a few things I miss about living up north (lilacs mainly) but black snow isn't one of them!

    Millard~ Thank you sir, but I did that adorable little puppy no justice, he's too cute for words. My first husband had a dog named asshole once, just so he could go out in the neighborhood screaming "Hey asshole!" and have an excuse for it. lol he was a jerk.

  4. Don't Look Now!

    Watch were you walk
    even half asleep,
    but hold your head high.
    Tummy in, shoulders straight
    benefits the posture.
    Face the facts, being good
    to your body occasionally
    means stepping in crap.

  5. lmao V, it wasn't good posture that kept me from seeing the, the... whatever in hell it was - but cute poem anyway!

  6. orange dirt huh? it's red in Oklahoma. I didn't know you were a new yawker at one point - coool! I went there once. I liked the Met...a LOT.

  7. Yep, I'm a has-been Yankee, but I was just a kid. We lived in upstate NY, Albany area (Coxsackie haha great name eh?) no where near NYC.

  8. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Good old red mud grund deep into the kids clothes and husbands work pants. Nearly impossible to get out, but once you know the secret, it can be done.

    I GOT MY BOOK!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm a happy girl now. Of course I would have been happier were it signed by the lovely lady herself...