Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Other Voices International Poetry Project

Several weeks ago, through a conversation with Ron Hudson, I was invited to submit to a poetry site called Other Voices, which is an international poetry project. Roger Humes runs it, and includes a majority of work from poets from outside of the United States. At the time of the conversation, I went to the Other Voices site and had a good read - I really enjoyed everything I read there, and thought it was an impressive collection of quality poetry, but hesitated to contact Roger because the site plainly said inclusion was by invitation only. I waited a few weeks and submitted 3 poems.

Within a week from that day, I was reassured (my submission was a bit apologetic lol) accepted, asked for more poetry and a bio, and added to the site. If only all editors/publishers worked that fast, or were as personable as Roger!

So if you're interested in taking a peek, you can click here and have a peek at the issue I'm included in!


  1. Very nice selection of poems there, do you have anything that hasn't been published yet? I'm only half joking...

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Congrats, Erin.
    I used to subscribe to Manoa lit mag, and really enjoyed reading poets from Asia and thereabouts. They seem to be very close to nature and the land.


  3. Millard, you're right, there's something very earthy in the oriental forms, and simple/soothing as well. I love oriental poetry!

    V, I do have things that haven't been published, mostly really old stuff though, all my new stuff is pretty much submitted somewhere waiting for an answer or publication.

    *smooch* to both of you!