Monday, June 20, 2005

Beauty without Flowers

Ships of clay sinking - 20 new poems by john sweet
found at Saucyvox

And well worth the time spent reading. His work is simply beautiful, in a totally non-floral way.

His name and work should be far more well-known than it is. I only just discovered him myself a few months ago by meeting him on a poetry forum and getting to know his work just a bit before learning he was as well published as he is.

My next mission is to concentrate on getting a few of his books/chapbooks.


  1. Anonymous2:01 AM

    I feel the same way about John and his work. He should be famous by now, being interviewed on A&E or something.

    He's the reason I keep doing what I do. Good work. Gracious, humble artists.

    ::deeply satisfied sigh::

    Enjoyed finding you in the guestbook at Saucy. :)


  2. Hi Feith, you're right, his work should be everywhere!

    Don't be surprised to see me there again!

  3. yeah, his chapbooks have been advertised at halfdrunkmuse. So, you're not in bad company...