Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Cliche Me

If you must define me, you can
do so in timeless (dated) cliches:
white trash, buck-toothed redneck
waitress, knobby-kneed, barefoot
with a passel of kids like stair-steps.

Highschool drop-out,
married too young to the toothless
4x4 driver who was not
the sharpest tool in the shed.

He wore me like a wife beater -
too tight and dirty.

But these are not my words
borrowed and stolen.

Mine are kudzu vines,
wrapped too tight
around a column of bones.


  1. S1 L5 passle? Is this a word?

    S2 L3 who rather than that?

  2. lol I honestly don't know if "passle" is in the english dictionary - it most definitely is a word in southern-speak.

    Who does sound better than 'that'

    How are you today Sir Martin?

  3. hehe I spelled passel wrong :P

  4. Anonymous11:40 AM

    The good thing about kudzu, Erin, is that it withers away at the least hint of cold weather.


  5. Do I get a knighthood for having bought your book? That's cheaper than the millionaire who's just got a knighthood for giving £10 million to the Cardiff Millenium Centre!

  6. Well Martin, if you think my measly self-proclaimed queenship would be official enough to grant you a title, and you trust my steadiness enough to kneel before me while I tap your shoulder once twice thrice with a sword (my goodness that's close to your jugular!) then by all means I proclaim your knighthood!

    Thank you Martin, I really appreciate it more than you know.

  7. The last few days have been trying for you, eh Erin? Have faith, it will be better. Some how I see you as neither white trash or knobby kneed. But what do I know?

    I was a waitress myself once, but was a hippy, not a redneck. Now I guess I'm just one who loves the simplicity of rural life. I once married too young also, to a man who was into Zen Buddhism at the time and worked for a vet, loved animals. He turned out to be a redneck, a real louse in a lot of ways in the long run, though. Go figure....????

  8. Hi Ginger!
    I actually miss being a waitress. I always enjoyed meeting a bunch of new people. I've become a hermit over the last year lol.

    "white trash" I suppose is a state of mind, one I haven't subscribed to since I got rid of my first husband, unfortunately, I can't deny my way out of these chicken legs!