Monday, June 6, 2005

I've gone and done it

I started toying with the idea of a donations button lately. I mean, this process of marketing my chapbook isn't going to be free, and I'm not selling them by the truckload just yet, so the capital I need to order more copies, in order to have them to sell is non-existant. In other words, I'm having supply and demand issues.

I also had pride issues, I am not generally one to ask for things from anyone. I do not receive well. I'm more of a giver, if you know what I mean. so I toyed with it, and I tossed the idea. That is until I saw that a friend of mine was also thinking of doing it.

Well for some reason that changed how I looked at it, and I can't explain why, but it did. I still had to kind of convince myself to do it, but do it I did.

Now for those of you thinking, as I usually do when I see one of these buttons on a blog, "Um, blogs are free..."
I'm not asking for support of the blog, unless you'd like to type while I dictate... what I'm doing is allowing for the opportunity for someone else to help me fund the marketing costs of my chapbook. I can promise you that every penny I receive will go to selling, advertising, traveling expenses for meetups or out of town readings where I might go to sell the book. I won't bankroll the family vacation, steak dinners, or new hair-dos with any donations I get.

Of course, I have some doubts that I'll actually get any donations, which is perfectly ok too, because right now, I'm feeling a little funny about the whole idea!


  1. If I make a donation, will you send me a pic of your tits?

    Just trying to prepare you for the emails you might start getting! :-P

  2. lol, for you... maybe;)

    But um, the picture's size will be in direct relation to the size of the tits...

  3. Alrighty then. If I make a donation, will you send me a pic of your tits? :-P