Saturday, July 2, 2005

We just got a letter

Yup, I just got a letter. A birthday surprise actually. It arrived a few minutes ago from Doug and Laura, addressed to me, sort of:

Erin "E" Momagain was the addressee. How's that for cute?! and guess what was inside said envelope?

Oh come on, take 3 guesses...

nope, try again.

Nuh uh that's not it either, you're never gonna guess this...

HAHAH! Nope not that either.

Want me to tell ya?

OK OK, it was a pickle, a pickle plus apologies for the lack of chocolate ice cream to accompany it.

Now are they some funny sunsaguns or what!?
*smooch* guys, thanks for the thoughts and wishes and love and stuff! I've never gotten a pickle in the mail before - where do you two even FIND these cards?!



  1. I had to come back and check that last name again. I did have it right...very cute!

  2. That's hilarious! They are some funny folks.

    I wish I was half that creative. I guess you'll have to suffice with just a Happy Birthday wish from me.

    Love you,