Saturday, July 30, 2005


I blog surf, a lot. More than I'm going to admit - and it's usually a waste - typically, I find nothing but crap, teenagers either professing the birth of a new true love, or grieving the death of it:generally in rhyme, and with more words 'speeled' incorrectly than correctly.

Tonight I found Flickr - on flickr I found romanlily, who writes poetry, and posts it with a photo. in her gallery I found "Fishing Seahorse Reef"

I'd like to have seen it with longer line breaks, but as is, it's absolutely gorgeous - beautiful beautiful beautiful.


  1. Hi, very nice poem, but the poet is Enid Shomer, not the poster, Romanlily. You can buy her book at Amazon.

  2. lol I guess I assumed that Roman Lily's real name was Enid Shomer. Now I'm disappointed! BUT, I also have a new poet to read! Definitely have to buy a book or two if the rest of her work is anything like this...

    Thanks for pointing it out, even though I do feel like a jack ass now lol

  3. Nice layout you have here Erin, i'd like to also ad that I don't know where you usually look but I find alot of crap that isn't even written by teenagers but by bonified adults themselves! ;)

    I never read a poem by you, can you put a sample up so I can think about buying your chapbook?



  4. Hi Paul, thanks! you're right, there is just as much bad poetry out there by adults isn't there? lol.

    I've posted 3 poems from Poetic Acceptance. I've posted others in the past, but blog posts sort of fall away into oblivion and they're hiding in the archives here somewhere.