Sunday, July 3, 2005

16 weeks

This is the alien that has abducted my body, my hormones, and my ability to think. OK, well not THE actual alien, but a close facsimile thereof. For the night, it has also stolen my ability to write. I'm a good mom, I am willing to sacrifice damn near anything for my children, but this, this is just too much. I have this image of it in there squirming around using my words as its pacifier. I wish it would give them back, and instead content itself with one tiny little thumb. I suppose it's only temporary, and really no great loss. My poetry has degenerated into the garden anyway - all spent blossoms and manure. The stench has been overwhelming.


  1. Aww E! I miss the magic that is pregnancy. I remember just about every morning, I'd do a baby check, pull up on the internet exactly what was happening.

    I, too, lost my words with pregnancy, I'm sure that they'll come back to you. You're such an excellent writer.

    I read your entire chap cover to cover, three times yesterday, as Jonas slept peacefully in my arms. What a relaxing and wonderful day.

    They will come back, I have faith.

  2. Oh Ang, I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!

    And even happier that you had a relaxing day, you need, and more importantly, you DESERVE it.

  3. the longer I look at this picture the grosser it gets!