Saturday, July 16, 2005

Launching (again)

You know what? I'm a writer, but I'll be damned if I write in anything other than english. I do not write in HTML! Therefore, having decided to reformat my website has been largely an effort in trial, error, and foul language. However, I'm pleased to announce, it's done, and I think I did a pretty damn good job, for an html retard!

Actually, it isn't quite done, I've only loaded one poem, because frankly, I dislike frames, and I dread the idea of building a new page for each poem. I'm considering some cute little pop-up java script boxes and a plain white (or blue?) background.

Anyway, feel free to hop over there and give me your opinion if you feel like it - I'd welcome the input!

In other news, I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and contact a privately owned bookstore to see if they'd carry my chapbook. I kept telling myself I was going to, but honestly, I'm a chicken, and I backed out every time. But, today I emailed one bookstore, and they said yes! Now realistically speaking, they agreed to add one copy to their 'local authors' shelf, and if it sells, they'll reorder. Not exactly a money maker of a deal, but it was enough to give me the nerve to contact more bookstores.

I've contacted 6 by email today - only that one response so far lol - but I also have a huge list of bookstores that didn't have an email contact that I'll be contacting in the next few days. Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck! The page looks wonderful, but I clicked the link and ended up at my page. Wow!

    I didn't, however, find a poem. Any way, very nice!

  2. You are extremely talented and should not hesitate. I wish you much luck!

  3. E, you're not retarded at HTML if you've implimented inline frames and image rollovers! Good work! I like the colors a lot. Did you use PSP to code it?

    And about the chapbooks - YOU GO GIRL! It's good stuff, so be proud and sell it!

    Love and kisses, E2

  4. V~
    "new" has the only poem that's posted for now, lol.

    hanks again, so much!

    I used a template, I didn't impliment squat, and most likely wouldn't know an inline frame if it bit me :) haha, seriously, I know enough to modify through dreamweaver, and that's touch and go!

    The chapbooks, well, I have to sell them, or the fact that I didn't at least try will haunt me!


  5. OK, your one and only mistake is admitting so freely that you cheated. :-P

  6. hey it's all a means to an end right?

    very cool on contacting local bookstores, that rocks. We have a newsstand around here that would be as likely as a bookstore, since there's where all the poetry rags are found -- maybe check and see if there's anything like that near you too.....

  7. I don't see "new" Sorry, I'm blind.

  8. never mind, I am blind

  9. lol Erin, I've always said that my biggest asset, and my most likely downfall, is my inability to be dishonest!

    Laura~ Newstands... I'm sure there are in Charlotte... I'll keep it in mind :) Thanks

    V~ Okie doke dear, there's "blog" (top ball thingy), next is "bio" then there's "new." Actually, the text on the ball says "New Poetry"

  10. yeah, I did find it...further proof that I'm off my rocker.

  11. Erin,

    The site does look great. Good job! I've always toyed with the idea of making Jonas his own website. Not because he's asked for one or anything :) Just because all of my family and friends are out of town and I thought it would be a cool way to keep them connected to him. But if you're an HTML retard, I'm braindead.

    Also, I'm really glad to hear that you're marketing your chapbook around town. It's about damn time. You really should realize by now that you're as talented, or moreso, than most of the other folks selling books out there. Get your name known around town... it'll only spread from there.

    Good luck.

  12. Congratulations Erin, on both frounts!! Especially the chapbook.
    Back from vacation, will be in touch soon.


  13. Ang~
    If I can do it, anyone can, seriously!

    Glad to see you're back! Hope you had a good time, relaxed, wrote some... I'll be waiting for your email!

  14. You never know the power of one book in the right hands at the right time.

    Glad to see you're getting your work out there.

  15. Thanks Patry! I hope you're right, that I can get one little book into the right pair of hands!

  16. Ya did good on the website, Erin! I like it a lot! great html work there! :-)

  17. Looks smart! I'd make the New poetry text larger, put [read more] in a different colour, and if possible have the poem title linked to the full text as well as the [read more].