Sunday, July 10, 2005

Losing Art to Lies

Losing Art to Lies

I have forgotten
how to find inspiration
in the lines of a man's chest.

I can no longer remember
the whispered epic of his breath
mingled with mine.

Instead I am blinded
by false reflections
and the painted invitation
of imaginary arms.


  1. This elicits that "hollow" feeling of realizing something vast and grand has transformed into something else. Quite meloncholy and quite beautiful. ~ML and wish me a happy birthday! Hugs!

  2. Aww Mike! Happy birthday! Hope you have the day off from work at least? Oh have a good one! &ML to you too!

  3. Seems we all have July birthday's! Mine is Friday.


  4. lol My Son's is tomorrow, my youngest daughter's was Friday, and my youngest son's is at the end of the month! Looks like November is a fertile month ;)

  5. hubba hubba, happy birthday to your progeny, Erin and happy birthday to ginger. Thanks for the wishes, hon. Pease to us all. :-)