Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I can't take days like this

What a day and followed by an even worse night.

Had an 8 o'clock appointment this morning. Didn't wake up till 7:15. Ever get yourself, a 14 yr old, and a 2 yr old ready to go in 20 minutes? Yeah, it wasn't pretty.
Said appointment was predicted to last an hour (or more) so I had my mother just drop me off. I was done and out of there 15 minutes later. We sat outside hoping she'd show up early for the next 40 minutes. It was 85 degrees when I got up - well into the 90's before 9. Yuck.

Did grocery sopping - no further explanation needed.

Came home, did some laundry and last minute inventory and check-listing of needed school supplies, since school starts in the morning. This was followed by the making of "The List." Many kids = large List. 3 pairs of new shoes yet to be bought, 3 bookbags, new socks for all. . . Thankfully the middle school requires a uniform, and we've been shopping towards outfitting the 2 middle schoolers for months, so there were not a LOT of clothes left to buy.

Insert email check here, with news from my sister, who has been having some problems with her hip. She's been on pain killers, had many doctor appointments, CAT scans etc... was sent to an orthopedic specialist today, who says in short that he's sending her to an oncologist, because it looks like it might be cancer

Then of course, we receive the actual supply lists from each child's grade level in the mail. You know, how many of what the kids each need. Total them up, I actual had to buy 8 3ring binders of various sizes, 45 clear page protectors, 6 pack of pencils... It blows me away every year what we have to buy! There's SO MUCH STUFF!

So we hit the store and spent over $100 that we didn't have. But, the expense was easier to take than the crowd, the kids wanting the 1000 things that weren't on the list, the teenager strutting around and acting like a pompous ass in order to impress all the girls he was seeing from school...

Of course none of this could start until Scott got home from work, at 7:30, after a 12 hour day of working in 90+ heat.

One hour spent in Wal-Mart hell, $100 spent that we didn't really have, and we've reached new heights of "grumpy" and acquired MOST, but definitely not ALL of the required supplies. By now, it's 10pm - the kids are late for bed, and we still have to divide these 8 bags of supplies up between the kids, making sure that the right things go into the right bookbags.

Come home, I start dividing stuff, Scott hops online to check his email. One email he received was from his older brother letting him know that their youngest brother was diagnosed with Leukemia - chemo starts tomorrow. Scott's family I all in New York, by now it's like 10:30pm, way too late to call anyone...

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  1. leukemia hmmmm. I bet after that news the day seemed like a day from heaven....

  2. Holy shit, E! After reading all of that, I'll never complain about my sorry ass problems again.

    Hope the sister and the brother both do well, and that you get some rest today, now that the kids are finally out of your hair!

    Most importantly, HUGS!

  3. When you get such mails you are so glad to be so lucky that you may spend money on your kids. That is only money
    I hope the other kid gets wel soon...

  4. holy moly, be well E!

  5. Damn, E. I thought my dog was expensive. Ha ha. :-P

  6. I'm so sorry E. I don't know how I missed the paragraphs about your sister or Scott's brother. I often scan your blog first thing in the A.M. when I am definitely not 100%. The only input I can offer is to try to think positive. As cheesy as it sounds, I believe there is power in positive thought.