Sunday, July 17, 2005

Roll Top

Roll Top

Contentedness grows here
like poetry and night blooming jasmine --
sweet in the silence after dark.

Hidden in the roll top,
between pages of scratches
and volumes of age,
there are words with no memory,
but a soft drift of lilac instead.

They are safely forgetful
preferring sentiment over details
which settle on the years
with the stench of dust.


  1. Good morning, E. Not terribly coherent right now, but wanted to say I really like "words without mercy." Like the whole piece, but that especially. Have a good day! I'll try to comment more thoughtfully later.

  2. lol Good morning Erin!

  3. Nice combination of smells and words I like that

  4. the old roll top! Glad to provide inspiration for this one. You even used it the same way I do...

  5. Odd how that piece brings to mind the scent of old (dusty!) wood and lilac. I'd forgotten the scent of lilac...

    Thank you.

  6. why is it that your desk smells better than mine? Mine just smells dusty...

  7. Did I read "words without mercy" wrong or did you change it? I really liked that. Lol, I probably read it wrong (not hard to do @ 5:46 in the morning!)