Friday, August 11, 2006

Timing is everything

I spent the day pissing around with little things: scrubbing cabinets that haven't been their proper color in a decade, sorting plastic containers, rearranging stuff for no apparent reason. Nervous energy I guess. The interview went well, she makes it easy. Chit chat, conversation - and I really do relish the opportunity to talk about my babies and the things I've learned from their lives and deaths.

In other words, it went well, with the exception of my table. My son sat on my glass top table a while back, and busted it all to hell, so our table has gone topless for a good while now. Glass is kind of expensive, but we finally ordered it earlier this week. Of course, it wasn't ready until this afternoon. As soon as the interview was over we went to pick it up, and my table is topped once again, but it sure would have been nice to have somewhere to set our drinks as we sat on the couch and talked...

Timing is everything no?


  1. If the glass-less table was your worst problem, count your blessings, E. It sounds like everything went wonderfully well. Now can you bottle up some of that nervous energy and send it my way?

    Love you!

  2. My brother, during his thirties, once stood on a glass topped coffee table in order to change a light bulb. I love those tables because they're so pretty and don't make the room look too full, but dang if someone doesn't break it sooner or later.

    Well, the kids have that lesson out of the way now.

    Glad your interview went well. Had a feeling it would.

  3. It went very well, she makes it easy, seriously.

    The table looks great now, and Zilla? That's the 2nd set one of the kids has broken. The other was years ago, and made differently, much more fragile (stupid me eh? small kids and fragile tables) and they broke the table and two end tables in 2 weeks. We didn't fix those, we tossed them, figuring we'd lucked out that no one bled. The tables were fairly expensive, but the kids fingers are more valuable ;)

    Ang, haha, I'm calling bullshit on you needing my nervous energy. The party's today and I just know you're running around cleaning and doing stuff like I have for weeks now!