Sunday, August 13, 2006

Oh Mama, errr, Papa!

OK, we all hear about mommy blogging, all the time, right? They're everywhere, and basically, at one point or another, every mother with a blog eventually becomes a mommy blogger, even if only for a while. I swore I would not become one. I was not going to blog about my children, I am not one of those mothers who has nothing more to offer the world.

Yeah, bullshit. I'm a mother first and foremost and my kids are all that exists in my universe 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time, I squeeze out a poem or some prose, or some witty funny damn accident. But, I am a mom, and I am a mommy blogger and damn it, I love other mommy bloggers.

What I have never found much of is Daddy Bloggers (no idea why that's capitalized, when mommy blogger wasn't) and I never thought a lot about it, I mean, men just don't get as involved in the rearing of the little demons, right?


I have found Daddy Bloggers, and I am in love!

First, Pickle's Papa had me with Pickle Icky simply because he didn't shy away from the icky, he made it funny, and didn't hold it at arms length while holding his nose with the other hand. Read it, it is NOT what you think. It's better, and ickier, and so damn endearing and witty!

Then there's MetroDad and his chaos theory in which he makes too many just.friggin.perfect observations for me to even begin to do him justice with a blurb. Go. Read. NOW.

And Mr. Nice Guy 's sarcasm - oh yes yes YES!

And Creative Type Dad, and Bean (and other's) Dad, and Clueless Dad and more and more that I haven't even surfed through yet. Christ, it's like a... a... shit I don't know what you call it, but I'm SO totally using them (sorry guys, but yes, I'm using you each and every one!) to get some insight as to how my husband views snot, shit, men, mothers, sleeplessness... and a myriad of other parental issues.


  1. Thank you E, for doing to dirty work and sharing the best of the best with us. Reading a couple of daddy blogs has sort of restored my faith in the male parent.

  2. the the the! doing THE dirty work. :) I'm a 'tard like that.

  3. You know, Angie, I actually read "the" before you pointed out that it wasn't in there. ;)

    Oh, and Erin, stamp me GUILTY. My blog just gathers dust if I don't use it for the one main thing in my life.

    "I am not one of those mothers who has nothing more to offer the world."

    It's too bad that everyone hates mommy blogs. (well, except for those of us that do it) To each his own, right?

  4. Well lately this is a fundraising blog lol, but yeah, I've become a total mommy blogger since we found out about Nova.

    Stamp me GUILTY too eh.

  5. Well, speaking of mommyblogging, come see my brand new grandson, born this morning at 6 am!

  6. Another great one is