Tuesday, August 29, 2006


See all those red exclamation marks? [!] Yes well, about 2/3 of the blogs I have bloglined (that is just a sampling, the running total stands at 83 blogs whose feeds I have Bloglined) have this little icon beside them. This means that Bloglines is having trouble reading the feed for those particular blogs. Depending on Blogger's mood, sometimes those blogs are viewable, other times they aren't and all I get is the google 502 error page when I try to visit those blogs. It usually only last 5 - 15 minutes at a time, and it comes and goes, and it's just bugging me.The same thing is true of my own blogs. I am perfectly capable of logging in to my Blogger accounts, and I can make posts, but sometimes, I can't view my blogs. Again, all I see, intermittently, is the Google error.

I know that this is simply a part of the Google Beta thing, and all the blogs being switched over to their servers and/or format. I know that it will be short-lived. I know that after everything is settled, and especially after I give in to the Google Beta format, there will be huge improvements that will make this (admittedly small) inconvenience well worth it. I know I should shut up, be patient, and stop complaining.

But I am not in a good mood. I am not feeling patient, and I don't care that Blogger blogs are free, there's just no excuse for repeated outages of any sort - even the short sort. I mean, like Google is small time and can't make this adjustment in a more seamless manner? Pffft.

So, for those of you who say you can read my blog - that's because you've been lucky and managed to visit while it wasn't being a bitch :) For the most part, I can view it too. But those times, those 5 minute spreads, when it isn't available are really pissing me off.


  1. I don't want to be one of those people... but I'm not having any trouble at all. But I've read various posts at various blogs that are similar to yours, so obviously I'm just lucky.

  2. Hmmm. I wonder if this has anything to do with the persnickety comments windows I've been experiencing lately. I'm so not technically savvy. I'm as surprised that any of this ever works as I am surprised at my own consciousness -- another thing that sometimes goes on the blink for reasons I don't uderstand.

    I hope it's running smoothly soon.

  3. Are you still having problems?
    I came here no problem, through bloglines no less.
    So it seems things are working again.