Monday, August 7, 2006

Falling Down

Have you ever walked in front of a mirror and caught sight of some body part and thought, "Whoa! When the hell did that happen!?

I've never thought I had some awesome body or anything, but there was a time when I really felt comfortable with my body, and felt that I looked pretty good. I took pride in my abs, and heard it said a time or two that I had a pretty good ass too. But being pregnant for 9 months sort of puts asses, and especially abs, on the back burner. And obviously, I haven't been thinking much about body image in the 8 months since he was born.

That puts my flat abs and nice ass at least 17 months in the past. Nearly a year and a half.

But recently I've been trying to get my shit together, grappling with the concept of returning to real life, tossing around the idea of going back to work, and of course, I don't want to look too hideous when this story goes into the papers. I'm not vain, much, really. I just would like to be referred to as, "The mother whose story was in the paper." Not as, "That repulsive woman in the paper who... What was her story again? Bless her heart, you should have seen her!"

Now my abs, those I said goodbye to after Terra was born. They are my one concession to the joy of motherhood, and if you knew Terra, you'd know that she's entirely worth it. But, today I'm wearing these pajama type shorts, they've got wide leg holes and they're really baggie and comfy, but a little on the short side, and they tend to ride up and I have to be careful to pull them down a bit whenever I stand up. Earlier, I got up from the computer, reached back to pull my shorts down a bit, and all of a sudden, I got a quick tactile refresher course on the laws of physics-- gravity in particular. And I am frightened. I know now that it isn't that my shorts are riding up, but my ass that's falling down.

Someone tell me how, at 112 pounds, I can possibly even have enough body fat to sag? Guess I'm off to do some research on butt exercises.


  1. know, I wondered that myself because it happened to me at 108lbs!! THAT, my dear, is the reason I've gone back to the gym. Now, my ass is where it's supposed to be, but if I could just get my abs back :*/

  2. Hey! At least you have a set of abs and an ass worth talking about! :)

    If I could even find proof of abs beneath the layer of fat I'd be satisfied.

    And yes, I've been looking in the mirror a lot lately, myself. It's not that I'm vain, either, but I've really noticed that age has caught up with me this past year. I no longer have that great high-school skin, etc. It's starting to droop and even *gasp* wrinkle a bit. Now I understand all of those moisturizer commercials!

  3. lol, Ang. I was just about to write a blog about succumbing to the wrinkle creams and wonder serums...ugh...I never thought the day would come...and I got YEARS on you girlie! omg. I can't believe I just said that ;-P

    ERIN! Show us your progress so you can motivate us :-)

  4. lmfao Mary... how exactly would I do that, because frankly I am completely opposed to posting naked pictures of my ass on my blog...

    Scott and I are actually sitting here talking about gym memberships (can't afford it) and thinking about taking up jogging.

    I was doing squats at 2am this morning too. I'm totally freaking out about my ass. I'm getting so OLD!

    I know exactly what you're talking about with your skin! I look at Kassi (Chronologically 12, but looks much more like she's 15-ish) and think to myself, I used to have skin like that...

  5. Umm...I meant your ABS not your ass lmao!!

    I want my smooth skin back too :-( grr...aging...who needs it anyway?!

  6. Ahhhh... I seriously thought you meant my ass. I had visions of having to buy those silky looking spandex biker shorts!