Thursday, August 10, 2006

The reporter is coming!

The reporter is coming tomorrow afternoon. No photographers, just her, and I really like her. Ironic timing, though. Today it has been 4 months and 4 days since Nova died, which means that tomorrow will be the first day that he'll officially be gone longer than he was alive, and yes, I know I mention that a lot, but for whatever reason that I cannot express, it is significant for me.

I, of course, will let you know how it went when it's over, but I'm not feeling particularly nervous about it. A little intrepid, only in that this is a new experience, so there's an element of fear-of-the-unknown I guess. And of course, she'll be here, as will my children, and any one who has children will understand my concern. It introduces the possibility of some truly unexpected (and possibly undesired) elements, like 3 year old melt down, or more fun yet, potty accidents, or, more likely, a complete inability to talk to each other about anything at all because my 3 year old is a total attention hog and will be all up in her face!

And of course there is some concern that I will, because of the combination of topic and timing, go into meltdown myself, which is not something I do well with an audience. But if this story is supposed to be about my (our) journey in the last 5 years, then tears are definitely a part of that, and I suppose it's unfair to deny that for the sake of my pride. To omit the tears is to deny the pain/grief element, which would negate the value of the story, wouldn't it? So, what will be will be.

She also mentioned that they might want me to do some voice stuff, like reading a couple of blog entries, or free-talk type stuff, to accompany the story when it comes out on I have no idea what I'd say. None. But, even with how I feel about my voice (or, my accent really) I'm more than willing to do it (I mean, I'm in the south, the readers will be mostly southern, they won't even notice I have an accent!)

It's crazy how totally in-a-tizzy I was with nerves about this whole concept before, and how calm I am about it now. I'm still excited to have the opportunity, more excited about the ability to use it to promote CHD awareness, but not the slightest bit freaked out about it. What's to be nervous about anyway? She wants me to talk about something that means a lot to me.

Um, like there's anything anyone could do to stop me!?

How it went is here


  1. I can't tell you enough how excited I am for you. Don't know what else to say except that even if you have three year old meltdowns, potty accidents and the kids are obnoxious, it'll just serve to depict the real life value of your experiences.

    Love you.

  2. I'd be a nervous wreck. I'd stutter and spill my coffee and pit out, and completely forget that I've got kids to keep track of. One of them would set something on fire while the other hi-jacked the poor lady's car.

    You're going to be perfect and natural.

  3. Ang~
    haha I'm sneaky. Terra will be in a pull up for the few hours she's here, and napping for a good part of the time, which solves most of the worries. The other kids are completely capable of interacting with this reporter, and Terra will be too, for short periods of time, and I'll just minimize the possible number of opportunities for the meltdowns. Calculating bitch ain't I ;)

    lmao, natural, I just went out to the garden and cut flowers for the table. That's the good natural. Me, natural, is a giggly goofy mess. But I'm a lovable goofy mess :-P

  4. Go, E! Go!!! Oh, you'll be wonderful as usual...giggly goofy mess and all! I love you. *muah* It'll be wonderful