Friday, August 4, 2006

On my hands and knees

I've been on my hands and knees tonight, getting sweaty and talking dirty (let's see how often this post gets a porn search hit!)

No, I've been spot scrubbing the carpet. I'd rather have a steam cleaner, but frankly I can't afford to rent one right now. Yes, I'm that broke. Leave me alone, I don't want to discuss it.

I hung new curtains and blinds in the livingroom (which is why I can't afford the steam cleaner!) and, though the green isn't quite the right shade, they look really pretty. Seriously. I guess they're more of a window treatment than curtains, which makes it all the more surprising that they look good. My mother can go to Big Lots and the Dollar store, spend $20, and decorate the house, which will then be beautiful, and feel rich. I never acquired that gift - or her gift with cooking - actually, I'm quite the failure in the Domestic Goddess category. But, my rug is clean, and my window looks pretty, and all the spider webs have been removed from all the corners. Wish my digital took better pictures, I'd show you! I tried, but it just wouldn't take a good enough picture. Maybe you can get a decent idea though?

Yeah well, I tried. Here are some more crappy pics taken with the camera that doesn't work worth a shit any damn more.

This is Terra, sitting in her reading area (a discreet corner full of throw pillows and books, and a few stuffed animals to read with) wearing a hat that hasn't fit her since she was about 18 months old.

And this, well, a self taken picture of myself in the bathroom. Note the weird crazed look in my face (NO idea what expression I was aiming for) and that lovely shower caddy behind me. Eve, that's for you dear. All for you. Sorry, my hands aren't in the picture (they're on the camera!)

And there's another of all the kids (minus Kory - who was off with a friend) but Blogger won't let me friggin upload all of a sudden. Asshole.

HAHA! Take THAT Blogger photo glitch!!!

And that concludes yet another pointless post.


  1. Erin, I love the curtains... er, treatments... whatever you call them. I don't have the domestic goddess gene either. I've lived here for almost 8 years and we still have no curtains- although I've been dying to get some recently. I'm tired of the drab, bare windows.

    I asked Wil if Jonas could marry Terra. He smiled and said that she was adorable. I'll take that as a "yes" and start planning the wedding now. :)

    And the self portrait... what a tease you are with those bare shoulders!

    Love you, E. You know, I saw a cheap digital camera at the store the other day for like $15. I'm sure it's not the greatest quality, but for $15 I thought I'd get it for J as a birthday present, and to keep ours from being destroyed. If it really works worth a crap I'll send you one, too. :) (Once we have another payday) Love you.

  2. I loved seeing the photos, Erin! (I have been on my hands and knees scrubbing spots out of the carpet, too. I thought they were GUM, but, turns out they came up...with a little elbow grease. So I don't have to kill my grandkids after all!

  3. I think the window treatments are lovely. You can borrow my carpet cleaner anytime. Too bad we live so far apart.

  4. You go girl!! I've gotta do some major cleaning myself. Lovin' the window treatments. They're beautiful as well as the kids AND you. I'm diggin' the new do! It's just good to see YOU again! Hooray for the digital no matter how effed up! *hug*

  5. Krisstanamus7:54 AM

    Hope all is well,...Thinking of you

  6. Ang~
    LMAO I'd be thrilled if they married and we became family, even moreso than we already are. And just maybe I'd get a curly haired grandbaby!

    The windows... not my normal style, and I was a little worried about getting the funeral home effect. Luckily, I narrowly escaped it. I have been told they look like church windows, which made me spit coffee, because when I got the damn things up, my first thought was that they reminded me of my mother.

    The picture of me - haha, man I hate it, but I hate all pics of me pretty much. It looks like I'm in a bra, but I swear, it's a tank top! I should post the whole series, I took several to get one that didn't make me cringe too much.

    Ah man, I've had gum in the carpet, what a mess that is. Glad the spots came up and weren't gum, and that your grandchildren can live to see another day!

    haha Rain~
    I'm thinking that driving up to get it would be more expensive than renting one of our own! How 'bout ya mail it to me? ;)

    I forgot what I looked like under the Elvira hair. I'm glad I hacked it off too. Especially since it's been hovering near 100 degrees!

    It's so good to see you here! How is that beautiful family of yours doing!?