Saturday, August 5, 2006

1st Ever "Hang Ten" Surf Saturday

I have done nothing today, nothing but surf, I grabbed my (key)board hollered, "Hang ten!" and headed out (blog)surfing. So, in the spirit of Hang Ten (or maybe just in the number - what do I know about the sppirit of Hang 10?!) I'm sharing ten of the blogs I've visited today. You may very well have seen some of them before - get over it :-)

So first off I found and fell in love with many poetry blogs this morning. I discovered a pretty good list I'd never been to before (DUDE!!) and I'd tell you where they are but I think you should just visit Billy(1), to whom I forwarded said list so that he could use some or all of them in his 100 Blogging Poets Episode III. Seriously folks, he's nearing the 300 mark. You should go check out the links in Episode I, Episode II, and Episode III. I guarantee you'll find plenty of poetry to love.

Then I headed out to Old Rope(2) and found the day's treasure here(3)(read from the bottom, and read Then go here(4), and be prepared to find more of the greatest funniest sarcasm ever.

I also found this(5) and I want to that Jennifer(6) for it. I can think of several bloggers who deserve a nomination, and will be thinking on just which one I'm going to send in.

Some of the women I have in mind happen to be BlogHer(7) members, and so I headed off in that direction next, and in my travels I found this post which was interesting and evocative enough to make me reply. I was also intrigued by Trill's comment, after mine. While I was there I also found this site. Check out the mood bracelet. Seriously an awesome witty idea - but the prices are a little more than I'm willing to part with.

So then I wanted to check out the daily reads - the ones I read even when the bloglines notifier says they haven't posted. Good thing too because Zilla(8) had posted, and I damn well can't wait for her regular service to be restored because Zillahenge has GOT to be something worth seeing!

Gretchen(9) had also updated, but not posted. Actually she's got a fundraising project running on my behalf and I'm astounded to see that her total is up to $75. SEVENTY FIVE! Thanks Gretchen! If I could have any more children (which regrettably I can't) and could guarantee a heart healthy baby boy (which, if I could get pregnant, would not be likely) I would do so just to hold up my end of the pre-arranged marriage deal and to show my gratitude. I mean nothing says thanks like labor, delivery, and life-long responsibility! Right?!

And from Gretchen's place, the natural flow carried me straight to Belinda(10) who has been enjoying her ongoing saga with male heifers, Steer boobs, and Steve Oedekerk (or some facsimile thereof.)

Aiight duuuuude, s'nuff fer me man, I'ma go grubbin!


  1. What a great service you have started! Loved the links, and laughed (and cried) with you reading them...

    Thanks for reminding me how much fun it is to surf...

    Hang ten, good buddy!

    Hey, I am going to be in Chapel Hill for a conference from Sept. 10 - 13. Any chance on getting together for coffee or something or is Chapel Hill too far away? Could we meet in the middle?

  2. The Barnyard saga has now officially gotten too weird even for ME to continue it. You gotta see the latest. From the stalker's "mother." Oy. Anyway, I'm done.

    Please drop me an email at ninjapoodlesATgmailDOTcom with details for contributing aaaaaand getting my wonderful Poetic Acceptance book that I forgot to pay up for last week. I so wish I could walk with you guys. Heck, I wish I could walk farther than to the front door. Period. Soon, though!

  3. Thanks for the plug, Erin. You're too kind. Three or four more days of dial-up, but I couldn't stay away.

    You don't ever quit when it comes to giving or offering others the opportunity to give. Amazing. We should all be as generous as you are.

    I love the new picture of Nova, too -- so sweet :-)

    I see you've passed the two grand mark, too! You're a force to be reconned with. Keep up the good work!

  4. Erin, thank you for forwarding my poetry blog wiredSecret to Billy's list.


  5. Daniel!
    Argh! I'd LOVE to meet you, but that's the week of the Heart Walk and I know I'm going to be up to my eyeballs in planning and rounding up volunteers and doing the newspaper story (photos and stuff) Oh whyyyyy does it have to be THAT week!?
    Tell you what though, if I find out that I can break free for one of those days, I will SO let you know! (Chapel Hill is a little over 3 hours from me btw)

    Don't worry a bit about the book, it'll be here, waiting for you, till whenever you get around to it. Lord woman your life is FULL right now. I am not going anywhere, and I can even be patient (sometimes, for people I really love, like you!)

    I give to empty the full, and to fill the empty. I'd be a liar if I denied that there is a selfish element to all of it.

    You're more than welcome! Just glad to have found you!