Saturday, October 15, 2005

Wet Envy

Wet Envy

It's been raining since last Thursday
coating cars and roads with wet October.

The first acorn finally fell
lost its grip and slipped
from dripping branches
to its cracked-head landing
on the neighbor's porch roof.

The tin-tang-scuttle-thump
startled me from the grey
that has washed away this week,
and I imagined hungry squirrels
in holly berry bickerings.

I envy them. Niceties are wearisome
in the onset of a winter chill.

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  1. testing my comments button...

  2. I rather like it. I thought the words holly berry were cute as well.

  3. Hell you think the word holly berry are cute.. ask erin what she thinks of Holly(i'd do you)Berry!
    Ha Ha sorry couldn't resist

  4. Success! Maybe it's my mouse that's not working? I won't say again what I've already said, Erin, but this is a good poem, isn't it? What I missed before, of course, is that it's a sonnet with a couplet at each end. Very neat.

  5. V~
    This was so spontaneous, I'm glad it came out an enjoyable piece. Very nearly a free write, I haven't done one of those in a while. Felt good.

    Damn you and that porn name! LOL You're right though - you turd :P

    Glad my comments would finally let you post! I have to admit, I had no sonnettical (haha new word) designs in mind when I started this one, so that observation was a surprise even to me. Not precisely a sonnet, but damn close for an accident huh?!

    Thanks all!

  6. you do a near-sonnet as a free write and I struggled with mine for days...okay, I'm jealous now. I'll go back to my corner and pout now. The nerve...