Thursday, October 27, 2005


I got up at 7:30 this morning and, knowing I had a hectic morning full of phone calls and research to do, followed by a 10:00 a.m. appointment for myself, I hit the showers. While in there, I decided the best plan was to just call the closest hospital. I figured if nothing else, they'd at least be able to give me some information, and if I was really lucky, they'd have the facilities to do the testing themselves.

By 8:15, I knew that Union Regional could draw the blood, do the labs, and return the results to the hospital in New York. I got the fax number and other info from the lab tech I spoke to, made an appointment for tomorrow morning for Scott to go in (even though the appointment wasn't necessary) and proceeded to fire off said information to my sister-in-law via email, so she'd have it all ready by the time the doctor made it into the office there. Most excellent, and I was feeling much better, except that the lab tech couldn't tell me the one thing I really needed to know. Cost. Nor could I find anyone that could answer that question for me. The only thing I could find out is that the prices we were finding last night were for bone marrow banks, where the fees are discounted or covered by one charity or another, not the same (no doubt inflated) cost that is indicative of a mainstream lab.

Tomorrow morning Scott will get his paycheck, and cash it on the way to the hospital to pay for the testing. The cash will be on hand to do that, and even if it turns out to be the whole damn check, we'd do it. Our bills aren't shit compared to Scott's little brother's life.

Unfortunately, whatever does get spent at the lab tomorrow will come out of something fun, like the rent. And no, my landlord isn't going to be sympathetic or understanding. Tough shit, this isn't a negotiable plan of action. Sometimes you do what you gotta do, simply because it's right, hell, is there some other choice? No.

So, we'll see what happens, hopefully the powers that be, or however you refer to Him/it, will take care of the other stuff for a little while eh?


  1. Well, one thing we know. Hospital labs are cheaper than private laboratory facilities. But, lab work can be quite hefty in the way of cost.

  2. I'm a little afraid to know just how much this is going to be, and I sincerley hope that if it's too awful much, they'll bill us at least for part of it. We shall see.

  3. If you can get them to bill you, you can pay it off monthly, I think. Most often, if you call the billing office and tell them your circumstances, they are able to work with you. Worth a try at the least.

  4. Would you let us know if you need some money? Set up a PayPal donation account and put a button on your blogs, for crying out loud. It's not like you don't have friends. We may not be able to give you our livers, but we can sure give a few dollars each, I'd imagine.

  5. OK, DUH, you already have a donation tab, I see now that I've opened my big mouth, but identify it as intended for little bro.

  6. lol, yes, I should specify something or other there with that button shouldn't I? Perhaps a new post is in order.

    And, you know, just in case, paypal doesn't do liver transfers, kidneys maybe, but livers, well, they're a bit trickier to transfer electronically...