Monday, October 31, 2005

By request?

It has been suggested to me, both here on my blog, and in email multiple times, that I should point out the Paypal donation button, and accept donations to help with the bill from the blood tests and possible trips to Boston in order for Scott to donate blood/stem cells or bone marrow for the bone marrow transplant that we hope will save his brother's life. (Rest of the story is here, here , and here) The transplant is scheduled for early January, and though we don't know yet whether he's a match, we do already have the cost of the testing to worry with. Besides, Randy's a new father, with a wife and a 4 month old little girl, who just a few months before he was diagnosed, bought a house.

So here is the donation button, should you feel the desire to donate, it would certainly be appreciated, and would be put to good use. Feel free to leave a comment in the "payment for" slot, if you'd like to specify whether you're donating for Randy's family, or for our expenses, and trust me, your wishes will absolutely be respected and followed.


  1. Erin, as you are probably aware, I live in a suburb of Boston. Let me know how I can help -- food, a home cooked meal, whatever... Email me to discuss offline...

  2. I have emailed you, and... thank you, again.

  3. Erin, I'm so sorry.
    I somehow skipped these posts and only just saw it all.
    I hope Scott is a match and I just hope for the best...

  4. Melly~
    Thank you, don't feel bad about missing anything, we've only known about the transplant since Thursday night, so it isn't as if it's been very long.

    We're hoping he's a match too, or that one of his other siblings is, if he isn't. The wait to find out may very well make the whole family need some 'sanitorium time' but I have faith that somehow things will work out.