Monday, October 17, 2005

Another Full Moon Post

God I'm a sucker for a full moon in October, when the air is chilly and smells like absolute purity. The autumn sky is so surrealistically clear tonight. It's unbelievably beautiful outside, each star is perfectly crisp, like a painting. I just want to stand, gawking up at it, slack-jawed like the village idiot, and let the beauty seep in. I was so overwhelmed by it that for all the poetry I wanted to write, all I could manage were useless cliches about diamonds and velvet and backlit tapestries pierced with holes... Pitiful in comparison to the words this night deserves. Maybe I've written about it too much, but I can't seem to express just what effect a night like this has on me - it's primal and spiritual and leaves me speechless and frustrated by that lack of words.

I wish I could paint, or take a decent photograph or something... something. God it's beautiful.


  1. john Davis10:29 PM

    Erin, You CAN paint! You CAN take a piccy! You can do anything!
    but first ya gotta believe in yourself, and second, allow yourself to make mistakes, its ok to screw up.
    luv ya

  2. lol John, you were always the artist in the family, I still remember the rams, and I was really young then...

    I prefer sketching, sometimes chalks, but it's been ages (like friggin highschool) since I've done more than doodles. My words are my medium, and tonight, they're just going blah on the canvas ;)

    S'ok, they say there are no mistakes in art, only lessons... or something like that, right?

  3. it's primal and spiritual and leaves me speechless and frustrated

    & there / ms e / is your poem


    i love you
    crazy moon girl ;)


  4. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes words just aren't enough...

  5. It seems ironic that cliches are sometimes all we have to offer when we're immersed in beauty. Maybe that's why it's sometimes easier to write about such experiences after time has elapsed... words begin to seem a little more capable of conveying our experience after the original brilliance begins to fade?