Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm Sorry Mama...

Today, October 11th, is National Coming Out Day, a project spearheaded by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender civil rights, advocacy and lobbying group in the United States of America. National Coming Out Day also celebrates the October 11, 1987 LGBT March on Washington.


  1. YAY for gay! Whatever.

    I must say that when I originally formed an opinion on the subject, it was as the double edged sword: I was all for lesbians (naturaly instilled) but just didn't approve of gay men (instilled remnants of growing up. I didn't have any thing bad to say, I just didn't say anything, that's all.

    But I am now of the opinion that people should do what makes them happy and productive...whatever qualities they hold dear to themselves.

    In addition, I also believe if we are to smash down discrimination, we have to eliminate all forms of it, not only the ones we mirror in our own lives.

    This is the captain speaking. That is all.

  2. exactly the point James - we should do away with all the prejudices, racial, gender-based, sexual, financial, etc...

    My best friend weighs, well, a lot - and I know that the simple act of eating out is highly stressful, with the dirty looks and whispers and pointing, even though she eats way less that I do. It's just wrong for us to make judgements about others based on the superfluous, you know?

    People deserve a chance is all, the chance to be proud of WHO they are, not held back by what.

    So anyway, good morning James :)

  3. And to you, a good morning as well.

    I agree completely, on all points expressed.

    Hey, I don't feel like shit today!

    I hope that little bugger is giving you hell in there, to an extent of course.

    ~ The James

  4. haha your wish is its command ;)