Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Question

I have a question for my readers. It's a simple and straight forward one, completely based on your own opinion:

Is education a good thing, or a bad thing?
Feel free to elaborate on your opinion when you respond if you'd like.


  1. Its a bad thing cos anywon nose how to Xpress their thougts allready, like.

  2. I think it depends. If you are educated *and* self-aware, able to hold your own opinions dear despite the (dissenting) opinions of others, and don't believe that educate is self-validating, then it's a good thing. If, on the other hand, you seek out education because you equate it with intelligence, or you need a stamp of approval on your forehead, or you begin to parrot all you've learned and offer it up as the gospel freaking truth, then education is bad.

    I think it really depends on the student.

    What about you?


  3. Ah, see, I believe that all education is beneficial, that to know is far better than to be ignorant, regardless of any other factors.

    The situation you refer to is entirely a problem within the student, not with the education as far as I'm concerned, and even then, it shouldn't matter why the person learned the information, what should matter is that they are 'in the know' so to speak.

    I believe that in life we can't make informed decisions without being informed, and honestly can't find a situation in which a person would have been better off to have not learned something.

    OK, I'd be ok with my kids not learning to use profanity, but even in that case, they can't ever make the responsible decision as to whether they should or shouldn't curse without knowing what those words mean, right?

  4. Of course it's a good thing, my dear. But, as many aspects of life, it cannot stand alone. It must be accompanied by experience, as well as other facets of being.

    This is the captain speaking. That is all.

  5. excellent point James, but one question. Should we have the benefit of having learned about something before we experience it? Or is it better to learn through experience? And even more, what about the times that being uneducated about a situation retards our ability to cope with it appropriately when we're faced with experiencing it?

    For example: I have a 2 year old who visited the doctor recently. The doctor wanted to know if I was educating her about her "private places" so as to open lines of communication for her should she ever be molested.

    Obviously, this is a wise course of action, however, when it comes to let's say Drug Education, does teaching it to the kids leave them informed and more capable of making a better decision, or does it encourage them to do something that perhaps they wouldn't do had they not learned about it?

  6. Okay. First let me say that nothing applies to everyone and every situation. That is no event or situation should be a guide for perception across the board.

    In many cases, such as my own, education indeed awakened something that has always been there. So, for that case, writing, I wouldn't trade the order in which they were revealed to me.

    But in the first example you provide, we now know that there is no substitution for educating our children about this, not only to inform of such wrongs but to assure the child that,if this wrong should ever occur, they should not be frientened into silence but want to tell, insuring a sense of unshamed, knowing they are not at fault.

    The second example: this could be tricky . . . but it's not. I doubt that just being exposed to the information could lead to use, However, the level of information provided could play a major role. For instance, too little could be misleading. If the necessary extent of the information is provided in a loving and caring mannor, then I'd say that' a good thing.

  7. frightened, maybe. and manner, yeah. Where's my fuckin editor when I need him. That fat fuck.

  8. I agree. Of course the way something is taught, and whether it is taught in a tendentious tone can make huge differences what message received by the student, particularly young students, as opposed to older more experienced ones.

    So, how do you feel about childrengetting sex ed in school? Or about them learning about "alternative lifestyles" in school?

  9. My view on this subject (sex ed) is slowly changing. In fact, it has changed I just have to learn how to implement it into life. My view is this: to mystify something, or to make it taboo, will only manifest into the very things we don't want for our children.

    And alternitive lifestyles, well, I feel the decision should lie within the judgement of the parents. People have their religions and are entitled to hold such beliefs. That's who they are.

    Myself, I prefer them to be aware of all things. Again, this pertains to educating them. They will make their own choices in life. I am simply a guide.

    Did I address all your concerns?

  10. Education is generally a good thing. Anything we do in the way of improving ourselves is good. The basic thing that an education does is it teaches us how to think. Once we learn that basic lesson, the learning and questioning never stops.

    The majority of us forget what we learn in school shortly after we learn it. But, we know how to find answers when we have questions. We have learned this. We know that there are many different viewpoints to most issues, we have learned this as well. Somewhere along the way, we may have even made up our minds about a few things too.

    I have an education, but I don't have the experience required to use my education in the work place. The ideal scenario is to have a balance of education and experience. However, we must remember that an education doesn't always happen in a classroom.

  11. For an adult, there is no bad education - not that I can think of. But with kids there seems to be some difference of opinion. My kids come home every year with the permission slips for sex ed. I have the choice of letting them learn abstinence only, or to let them be taught about the use and benefit of contreception, or both, or neither.

    I can't imagine the rationale for "neither" or "abstinence only" Nor do I understand why people feel that letting their child be aware and educated about homosexuality is a bad thing. Knowing doesn't mean they'll become gay, or sexually permiscuous. As far as I can see, it simply gives them a foundation upon which to form their own opinions about people who live in alternate lifestyle situations, and a better understanding as to why promiscuity is a bad thing...

    I dunno. People and their small-mindedness confuse me. They'd rather their children remain ignorant and at risk in order to uphold their own prejudices, rather than give them the chance to protect themselves. Crazy.

  12. I have a funny story that relates to the sex ed thing. I started going to school at a private Christian school where saying "gosh" or "golly" got you in trouble with the teacher. After the third grade, my parents needed to save more money, so I started going to a public school. Let me tell ya, that was an awakening.

    My poor father, who drove my brother and I home in the afternoons, was the one who had to answer my questions about all the new things I was encountering - questions such as "Dad, what does it mean when someone sticks their middle finger up at you?" I didn't even know what the word gay meant.

    He would tell me what those words/gestures meant, but he never went into a lot of detail. With the gay question, he said what it meant, and while he didn't say it was wrong, the tone of his voice expressed subtly expressed his opinion.

    Of course, with curse words and gestures, he always added that he didn't want to catch me or hear about me using them! :-)

    Sorry this post was so long! I found your site through Carolina Bloggers, and I like your work!

  13. lol I started school in a christian school, and can completely relate to that story! I started public school in 3rd grade as well, and EVERYTHING was a lesson. From uniforms to street clothes, no more demerits, in private school we used workbooks that we wrote in, omg the fees my mother owed for me writing in the public school text books that first year!

    And I never 'asked' what things were, I'd just use the word, and see if I got whacked!

  14. HEY! No fair, you don't have a blog!?

  15. You found my blog... I just don't list my Blogger one anymore! :)

  16. lol yes, after one of my frequent "duh" moments, I found it.