Sunday, October 9, 2005

Baby Names

So we don't know the gender of this child, and we've been beating our brains out over what to name "it."
We wanted a name that started with a B, and preferred an Irish name, especially if it's a boy. However, B names are hard to come by in the Irish/Gealic/Celtic circles, or at least, names that don't suck are so we've come up with the following, with the help of our wonderful children.

  • Bailey - Gaelic - derivitive of Bailintin - Valiant
  • Brock - Celtic - Badger-like.
  • Conner - Irish - Exalted
  • Donovan - Gaelic - Dark warrior
  • Quinn - Celtic - Wise
  • Brianna - Celtic - strong
  • Brooke - English - Stream
  • Ciara (pronounced Kee-air-uh) - Irish - Saint
  • McKenzie - Irish - Wise Leader's daughter

At the moment the combinations we're leaning toward are:
Ciara Brooke and Donovan Quinn. So much for the "B" names eh?

My daughter, funny lil thing that she is, thinks that we should use the following names:
Girl - Brooke Lynn
Boy - Brock Lee

Isn't she a hoot!?

And all of a sudden in the last 5 minutes, we like Brianna Brooke...
poor kid'll be a week old before we actually name it.


  1. Erin! You absolutely may NOT use the name Brianna. I'm saving that one for my little girl. :)

    Just kidding, you can use it. BUt hey, don't go thinking I'm a copy cat when I re-use it in a few years.

    Only, I can't find a middle name I like to go with it.

    Brianna is our choice because it's a combination of my brither's name- Brian, and Wil's mother's name- Adrianna.

    BTW, I really like Quinn.

  2. lol Ang, don't tell my husband this, but I still like Ciara better - and I usually get my way, because I'm the one pissin' this watermelon ;)

  3. Ciara is beautiful, but I wonder how many times she'll have it mis-pronounced in her life?

    There's so much stress involved in naming a child. I mean, they have to carry that name around for the rest of their lives. And sometimes, it's all a person has to go on when making a decision.

    I probably shouldn't admit this, but when I was in charge of calling people in for job interviews, I always called the Johns and Janes before I'd call the names that I was afraid of mispronouncing. Just didn't want to look like an idiot, ya know?

    Also, we found that, when Wil was sending our resumes, if we put his full name on them they got no response, but the ones with just "Wil" did. Maybe just a coincidence, but I can't help but think they're related.

    I wonder sometimes if Jonas will hate me for the rest of his life for naming him something that's not so mainstream. Heh, that's why they get middle names, right?

    Whatever you decide to name your child, it'll be the right name. I somtimes think that children sort of "come with their names". Maybe they whisper it right into your bloodstream. You just have to listen

  4. I rather like the first names listed for each and they follow your naming convention.

  5. Um, V lol, neither one of the names I like meet my original criteria, neither starts with a B. But I'm glad you like them, I'm a stickler about my kids' names. A little psychotic to be truthful.

    Ang, I'm sure she will have her name mispronounced if we DO name her Ciara - I hadn't really thought much about that to be honest.

    I remember as a child everyone called me Erwin, Ervin, Irene... no one ever got it right. It used to make me SO mad!

  6. For my two cents? Boy - I like Bailey Conner, and girl - I like Kenzie Brooke. My best friend in kindergarden was Kenzie - it's both original and easy-to-pronounce. I've ever practical, and you're right - it IS your child. ;-) I just had a great-neice named Madison Grace, and out of all the combos in my large family, I like it best.

    If I were ever crazy enough to have a girl (because we don't have boys in my family) I think I'd name her Delilah Jane. That's just me.

  7. Mandie~
    I like McKenzie a LOT, and I'd end up calling her Kenzie, but I can't quite settle on a name I feel comfy with to go with it. . .

    I had never even thought of Bailey Connor, that's one I'll have to consider, because Bailey was one of my favorite of the boy names - I just hadn't combined it that way.

    I'm telling you, this kid's gonna be a week old before I can decide lol.

    I have a niece named Madison Elizabeth... I really like the name too. Of course, at 2 we were calling her bratty Maddie. ;)

  8. How about Brock Leigh?

    *Hardy har har*

  9. lol

    I was thinking Carleigh Flower...
    I mean, it's a nice natural 70's hippy name, right?

  10. This guy I used to work for named his daughter April. His last name was Frost. *rolls eyes* THAT is a porn star waiting to happen...

  11. My mother once suggested to my oldest sister, while she was pregnant with Ma's first grandchild, that she should name it:

    "Crystal Chandelier" seriously.

    She ended up naming her April Dawn... yet another porn name eh? Yeah. She's 21 now, and no xxx movies - that we know of...

  12. James Conner and Margaret Bailey come to mind.

  13. James was my Dad's name - so that's a no-can-do :)

    I kind of like Bailey Joy....

  14. Daniel Conner then.
    I love the name Maureen.
    Think Erin, if you name a child with the first name starting with B. Then add your last name, now put the two together as initials...


    Do you really want your child teased mercilessly as a bodily function 'cause you know kids are just evil enough to do that!

    Maybe I just think too childishly. Hrm, never thought about that!

  15. lmfao, my youngest son's name is Brendon Michael LeClair... BM LeClair. I didn't realize it until he was already named :P now we kindly and lovingly refer to him as our little shithead (haha just kidding!)

  16. LOL! My oldest daughter came home from the hospital un-named. We couldn't decide for her till she was ten days old. The people who do the birth certificates DO NOT LIKE THAT! Just a bit of advice since you are in the same state she was born in!

  17. oh, trust me, I know all about the grumpiness of the birth certificate lady! When Kassi was born, the law stated that I had to put my ex husband's name on hers, even though he wasn't the father (we hadn't been legally divorced a full 180 days but we'd been seperated for 2 yrs+)

    Oh the hell we all raised with one another!