Sunday, October 23, 2005

To Defy Gravity (55 words)

To Defy Gravity

It's eighty-five degrees
and the harvest moon
is just a promise unkept,
dangled low and round
against the horizon, swaying
on the tips of spent corn
and sunflowers -
a sensuous redhead
rustling on a soiled stage.

I smile beneath her lies
and rise, dabbing sweat
that obeys gravity
in the depression
between my October breasts.

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  1. I like it, but I count 56. What is the significance of 55 any way?

  2. Um, no... 55.

    It's some sort of thing that started out like a meme I think. Not sure, but one of the poetry carnival entrants challenged me to do it, hence, my 55 word poem :)

  3. Val Kilmer is a poet too?

  4. lol um, I was thinking Joyce Kilmer, but hey Val might write too?

  5. Wow... Nice job Erin. Mine is on my site...

    Yours is so sensual and full of imagery. Very nice.

  6. Okay, why did I count a number as two words? My bad.

    I do like this. Thanks for the explanation.

  7. lol V there seems to be a discussion going as to whether hyphenated words are counted as one or 2 words. I figure if the word count in MSWord says one, then who am I to disagree ;)

  8. I tend to agree with you. Hey, look at that, after 11 and I'm up. Good night.

  9. When I read this a little while ago, I didn't see the second stanza. Did yo add it?

  10. Hyphenated words are indeed considered one word, and, in this poet's opinion, should be.

  11. Lol James, no sir, this has always had both stanzas. As a matter of fact, I left home this morning at 8am and just walked back in the door, so I couldn't have added a thing even if I wanted :)

  12. Very nice Erin. Am glad you took it up. Have linked it to my site too.

  13. Thanks .:A:.
    I think you've created another addict!
    I have yet to do the 55 word prose, maybe I'll work on that later

  14. What a sensual/sensuous poem.
    I have an almost erotic image in my head (I hope that's okay ;)

  15. lol that's very ok!

  16. The harvest moon will always be a sensuous redhead to me now! I'e had a go with 55 words for Bob Dylan.

  17. Hi there, I'm new to your site. And it's breathtaking :)

  18. aristocrat~
    wow, breathtaking, thank you!

  19. This realy gives me the same shivering as seeing the colors of an indian summer.

  20. Erin- you are a master, or would that be mistress, of the miniature!

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