Friday, October 21, 2005

Blog Find

They say that blogging is the wave of the future, that it has the potential to change the face of the future, of media and news outlets, that it will be the vehicle by which we are educated, informed - how we will voice our opinions, how we will be heard as a global society. I don't doubt a word of it, and I think it will bean extremely good thing - that it already is a good thing, and that all of the above is already happening.

I also believe that there are blogs (much like mine) that are a bit like the tabloids:entertaining, but not overly informative. There are some that resemble literary journals, some that will be the opinionated self-serving rags that we see in print today. There are politically charged 'magazines' for the left, for the right, for the libertarians, for the mainstream, for the kooks, and for the mainstream kooks. Truth be told, the vast majority of them are useless blather that serve no real purpose and appeal to only a select small population of the blogosphere. I personally go days, weeks sometimes, without finding a blog that I feel really deserves any attention, and so, when I find one that, at least to me, really holds some potential, some true insight, it makes my day, and I share it with the small population of the blogosphere that, for whatever reason, finds my little plot of webland worth reading.

"Whose life are you living anyway? [link]
What should we do with our time, our life and our energy? When everybody claims to know what is best for us who should we listen to? The short answer is yourself.

But first you must have clarity of mind. . . "

"A Change is Gonna Come. [link]
On this planet we have isolated ourselves from each other in countless ways. We are divided by the color of our skin. We are divided by religion and borders. We are divided by age, intelligence and gender. We are divided by language and income. We are divided by education and politics. We are divided against each other and it is all illusory; a hoax. . ."

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  1. Glad I found your blog and thanks for the links to another good one. will be back when i can read more.