Thursday, October 20, 2005

Poetry Carnival!!!

I'm post-dating this entry to keep it up top. New entries will be below this.
Time to let this sink a bit, since I'm screwing up with the post sticking at the top of THEIR page as well... sorry guys!
The Poetry Blog Carnival is going up right here on October 30th!
This month I have decided to use a theme, a bit like Daniel did last round. What I'm looking for is imagery, be it visual, audial, tactile, etc...You name it, but play with my senses!
Submit to in the following format:
Your Name (or pseudonym):
Title of Blog:
URL of Blog:
Title of Poem:
Permalink URL of the Poem:
Excerpt to showcase:
The deadline will be October 29th at noon, and I'll have it posted by noon on the 30th.
I'm looking forward to all of your submissions!
If you haven't joined the poetry carnival yet, but want to - sign up for the google group at We're hoping to expand our membership, and our network of blogging poets, so feel free to join us!


  1. Yummy idea, can't wait to join the carnival!

  2. Oh Garnet, please DO join! We blogging poets really need to network more. There are so many of us who don't know about the rest of us! lol, did that even make sense?

    Anyway, pass along the word if you think anyone you know would like to join!

  3. to play with your senses...
    I sure must dive deep in the you, you show to know how to play with your senses.

    I'll give it a try


  4. If I can find the right poem, I will add it to the carnival. I'm looking for one that fits, perhaps I'll write a new one.

    I also enjoy King and Dean Koontz. On page 288-289 of "One Door Away from Heaven" is the most wonderful descriptions of the joy of the Presence, I've ever read.

  5. Presbypoet~ I'll have to look up that passage, but I have no doubt of it's excellence! I love Dean Koontz, and "One Door" was a great read as I recall.

    I hope you decide to join the carnival!

    LOL, looking forward to getting something from you to add as well!

  6. Back by popular demand - check out her blog!

  7. My poem is winging its way to you on email!

  8. Got it Daniel! Thanks!

  9. Great, thanks Adam!

  10. Hi Erin,
    I've mentioned this at BlogWatch.