Friday, December 22, 2006

Secret Santa has Arrived

Secret Santa has Arrived

I have been trying to pretend it hasn't come. As if by ignoring it, I can stop the burning it has created between my eyes. I am not supposed to open it until Christmas, and I really want to wait and open it then, and yet, I'm not sure if I can wait!

It arrived a couple of days ago, in a bubble-pack envelope in all sorts of bright colors and bearing the name ... am I supposed to give away the name? I'm not sure so I won't.

It doesn't rattle, or jingle... It's fairly large, and flat... perhaps a picture frame? Or maybe a picture? I just can't quite figure out what it is, but I'm fairly certain it isn't a frame... I'm afraid to feel around too much for fear of figuring it out!

Only 3 Days until I'm allowed to open it!

I sincerely hope that the gift I sent out has made it to its recipient. I'd hate for it to arrive AFTER Christmas, because this waiting bit... it's kind of maddening, and a lot of fun!

We also got several Christmas cards today. I think I love getting Christmas cards more than anything else! There were 3 today and one yesterday... one from Ang and one from Ange, and one from Scott's sister, and one from his brother - last week I got cards from Doug and Laura, and from Erin... We've gotten them from anonymous people, we've gotten them from customers... I truly love receiving Christmas cards. I am, however, admittedly selfish. I sent cards out, mostly only to Scott's family though, because I did it very last minute. It isn't that I don't love you... I swear, I love you! I just suck. Plain and simple, I can't even make up a good excuse here. Sorry.


  1. Hey I've got Christmas cards all over the house that has photos of kids I don't even know. My wife comes from a large family that split into two even larger families. I can't keep up with all the people I'm supposed to know.

    Thanks for the nice comments about Peter. They mean a lot come from you who has gone through a lot more heartbreak with your children than I ever will. If fact I almost feel silly writing about my feelings when I look back on some of your writings.

    Yes, were are in Waxhaw and my wife has been on the "Mom's" web site. I'll ask her if she know who you are.

    Merry Christmas and be a good girl and wait to open that gift.

  2. Don't you love the suspense of a mystery gift?

    We know you love us, E. It doesn't take a Christmas card to tell us that. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and can't wait to know what's in that package, too!

  3. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I'm your Secret Santa, and I totally goofed by signing my name on the package.

    But I'm glad you are excited.

    Ho Ho Ho...

    Happy Holly Days
    a clutzy ol' elf!

  4. Who is that elf?

    I must know, see my elf didn't sign his/her name and so I am going crazy trying to figure out who it is and well, yeah I already opened my gift, cause I suck....

    xx, Lori

  5. I'm not giving up that Elf's name... even though I know who it is!

    But you know what? I signed my name on my "secret" Santa gift too... never even thought about it. I went to, paid the postage, printed the label and off it went... with my name on it :|

    Guess I'm one of those people that can't keep a secret! Ugh!