Sunday, December 10, 2006

I Need

I Need

I need... well, frankly I need a lot of things, most of which I will most likely not get. But what I need, right now, most of all, is to write. I ache to write a piece of poetry that doesn't make me cringe, or gag. Unfortunately, I have nothing inside of me from which I could build a poem. You've heard the phrase "it takes money to make mmoney" right? Well, it takes poetry to write poetry, and I am empty, it seems, of poetry for the time being.


  1. OK E, I can't really send you a poem, since for some reason the email address I have for you doesn't work anymore, but here is what I can do: I will give you a starter poem, then you can take it, finish it, edit the heck out of the part I wrote, and boom, you are off and writing great stuff again. I hear that Shakespeare and Bacon did that type of stuff all the time.
    There was a cool lady from Carolina
    who really looked quite fine-a
    all the guys thought her cool
    but she was no fool
    and knew they just liked her....
    OK, it is sort of a limerick, you finish.

  2. Emptyness is one h*ll of a subject for poetry...

    Just take what you wrote here and make it rhyme.