Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Romany Free

Romany Free
by Robert Vavra

"The sun will
tell you
how Romany unfree
was my open road,
that narrow
gypsy path,
thistle lined
purple blossoms

from the front cover:
"Free your mind from all preconceptions, open the book, and sail..."

Romany Free was my Secret Santa gift, and the book in and of itself would have been perfect. But my secret Santa (who, like me, totally gave away her identity) also included a note telling her Romany Free story about how she came across the book one day in 1977. How Romany Free survived 29 years of life: floods, travel, children, and how when she read my blog she knew that Romany Free had to come to me...

You see, Romany Free was a friend and life-long companion for my Secret Santa, and she feels a personal connection to the story and the character... and yet she parted with her for me.

I love the book, I love that you trusted me to understand her story and her value, and I promise to take care of her, to hold her close to my heart, to share her with my kids (Terra loves her already!) and someday, to share her with someone else who needs her.

What a beautiful gift, so personal. I'm very grateful - but I'm still not going to tell anyone else who you are, because I'm evil that way haha!


  1. Shit. Im all teared up.

    The last thing I did, was read her to my son while he sat on my lap. I told him what she meant to me, and what I was planning to do. He liked the idea, and assured me it was O.K. to let her go.

    Now you are reading her to your children.

    Shit. Where's the friggin tissues?

    Some gifts are not easily parted with, yet give us even more when we manage to let go.

    Take care of my baby Erin. I'll miss her.

  2. Awwww, Kel bel was your secret santa....

    sniff sniff, awwww.

    I love all of you crazy-wonderful blog o spher o people,

    love you.

    And man am I glad she copped to it cause the suspense was killing me.

    Yeah, I opened my gift five days early...and last year my little dog opened my gift early for me too, next year, next year, I WILL wait. xx, Lori