Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards
Isn't that a pretty picture? Red berries all plump and scarlet, coated in ice...
Yeah, that isn't here. Our berries turned brown, then black, then fell off, and it's 75 degrees here so there's no ice anyway. But it reminds me of the front of the Christmas cards I sent out. We bought them at 1am this morning (after a quick (childless) midnight run for Christmas shopping) and nearly all of them have been sent out today :) I am fast, especially when I'm running late. Also in today's mail (aside from 20-ish Christmas cards) was one package for a Team Nova member from the AHA, only, for some reason, I had to mail it? (Ok? Whatever?) and one secret Santa gift mailed via the Life in a Pumpkin Shell "Secret Santa" movement. That which I sent out to the secret recipient was very indicative of myself... hope they like it. It isn't like I know a lot about them, I hadn't even read their blog prior to getting their mailing info! I just hope it doesn't arrive late! And I just realized I wasn't supposed to put my name on it, but I did, and I'm just hoping she has no idea who I am so my name won't mean a thing to her!

Can I be honest here? Yeah, I know, here of all places, honesty is not only allowed, it is expected... OK, truth is, I am not feeling it this year. I want it all to be over already.

By the way, if you have switched over to the Google Beta blog thingy? Yeah, I can't comment on your blog. I've most likely still been reading, I just can't say anything. Nor can I switch over to Google because there are too many other blogs on my profile to which I belong but do not own, that haven't switched over... so until Google stops being a dickhead (which is Terra's new word, wonder where she got that from!?) just know I love you and can't comment.


  1. Wow! You do work quick under pressure!

    Can I be honest here, too? Me neither. I'm going through the motions of the holidays, but I just don't have the spirit. You, my dear, have all the pardons and excuses in the world to be feeling a bit blue about it all. *hugs* to you.

    Me, I'm just a Scroogey McScrooge, I guess.

  2. *hug* Hi Ang. I may have a reason, but I dunno if it's such a good excuse... It's just frustrating that I'm doing so much and making such a concerted effort to get in the mood and... it ain't working, and I'm tired of it being work I guess.

    *I give up!*

  3. Make me Miss Scrooge #3. :(

    I decorated. I bought a few gifts. I sent out cards. Other than that, it feels like summer -and for some reason I have a tree in my dining room.

    Oh well. I give up too. Maybe next year will be better?

  4. That's ok, J's latest is "fuck" and he knows it in both languages, so I'm not totally at fault. Took six months of pleading to get hime to say his own name... cursed once in his presence and he chimes it all day.

  5. ugh!

    seems we're all a little short on spirit...*sigh*...perhaps when the day arrives?