Thursday, March 24, 2005

Shiny Things

So the braces are irritating the hell out of Kassi's gums. Nothing unexpected there I guess.
I never had braces, so I have no idea what to expect really, but they sure sent home plenty of literature. She's pretty well convinced wax is the latest miracle of medicine - that and Tylenol.

There was some discussion about Nickleback at MTC today. That song "Figured You Out" is just too real to not love. I mean seriously, how can you possibly NOT love a song with lyrics like that?

You guys like my banner? Silly me, I really like it. I'm not usually so pinky-girly but I really like that stupid damn banner. Oh, if you use Firefox you can't see it. Fuck if I know why, but Scotty can't see the banner in Firefox. It also fucks up my actual webpage and makes my text boxes solid instead of 60% opaque. Everyone says Mozilla Firefox is the new thing. Fuck that, I don't want anything that stops me from seeing things the way they're supposed to be viewed.

So, there was the third useless entry in two day. Isn't this fun?
I should consider doing my free writes in here. . . probably not.


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  2. Oy! My favorite Disease! Out of all of the cliches and metaphors and similies I've used in this year passed whenever my muse tapped me on the shoulder, I have no clue why I didn't use "disease," because as addictive a personality as I think I am sometimes, and I truly think we all are to an extent (anyone who says they're not: um.....air! Hello?), I should have written something along those lines, no? But disease has such a negative connotation, doesn't it? Oy! (My first post ever anywhere on the 'net beginning and ending with the word, "oy!") TC ~ML

  3. Is underrated mispelled, hon? Easily fixed. By the way, I already mentioned at MTC I'm not supposed to like that Nickleback song, but it's one of my guilty pleasures, I guess after everything is said and done. OMG! I actually just typed that didn't I? Peace!

  4. lol wanna know my guilty pleasure? I still love Milli Vanilli songs Shhh! And no sir, overrated isn't misspelled :)

  5. yes erin / use this as a free write journal too / / lol @ the purple / do you suppose i'm gay?

    it's snowing here / damn / i wish
    spring would just come / & never mind this winter stuff

    talk to you soon e