Friday, March 25, 2005


Sometimes the tracks my thoughts run are a bit twisted, you know how it is, watch TV, something reminds you of something which reminds you of something etc. . .
I often realize at some point in the middle of one of these trains that I've left one country and entered another.

How does one start with newly applied braces, and end up with pot pourri and Alanis Morisette? I'd explain but it would take much longer than the few seconds it took my poor poor brain to make that trip. I really have to re-get all my Alanis - I love her. People used to say I look like her. Someone today said I look like Rainbow Harvest. I didn't even know who that was.

I'm expecting mail, maybe tomorrow. That makes me very happy.
My flowers are so pretty in my garden. It's sad though, I have this nice area for my garden and nothing is growing except my Daffodils. last summer I killed my Jade, my Hibiscus, and my Lilac. All that's left is my tiny little rosemary tree. Budha looks lonely and forlorn.

My cat had her kittens a few days ago. One was stillborn, one died last night. I don't know what she's doing wrong. Her first litter of 6 all died. *sigh* I try to tell myself I don't care, that I don't get attached, but I do. I mean come on, when Sissy, our dog, had her first litter, poor thing didn't know what she was doing at all. She had the first pup in the middle of the yard. We thought it was dead when we found it, it wasn't moving, didn't seem to be breathing, and was cold. I ended up reviving it, wrapping it in a warm towel to warm it up and gave it back to her an hour or so later. A week later, one got smooshed down between the cushion and the wall and I found it. It was dead, but still warm, so there I went reviving another puppy. I fell in love with all nine of those pups. I'm pretty sure Sissy was confused as to whether they were her puppies, or mine. Now we think she's preggo again. :
I've got to stop adopting every stray that shows up in my yard, I can't afford to fix them, and I can't take how wrapped up I get with all the damn litters of various species.

It's 2 am again. I don't know how it gets so late while I'm not looking. I've got to start sleeping. I'm miserable, exhausted, moody, emotional, and my bags have bags.

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  1. Did you know they say that rosemary will only grow in the house/garden of a strong woman? Makes semse to me in your case and I'd be glad I killed everything else and that the rosemary lived!