Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Day Two

This is day two of not smoking. I'm already doing worse than yesterday. Already I'm disappointed in myself for the day. I think I'm less irritable though, which is good. I am still staying away from MTC. I made the mistake of going straight there to read the further comments of this shy950 person. I'm pissed as hell about her, but to a certain degree, I feel sorry for her. It must suck to be so ignorant and insecure as to need to bring your friends with you to comment in a positive manner on your posts. I think, if anything, that shows that she knows that her writing is bad.

It's grey again today. How I wish for more days like yesterday - whole years of them would be good. I should find a place with weather like that year round. I'm sure they exist -- I'd move in a heart beat. Moving around so much as a kid fucked me up in some ways, but it also taught me not to fear the unknown. There's never a point in time when I'm not completely open to packing up the truck and moving along.

Too bad it's so damn cold in New Hampshire.


  1. Attempt 2 (as Blogger devoured and shat out my last attempt somewhere in cyberspace):

    Ah, but Erin... It's the cold that makes the warmth and sun so wonderful. Don't you think if you lived somewhere that was nice year-round, you'd take it for granted? I think of spring/summer/fall as our reward for getting through the cold, dark winter. It makes it extra special. :o)

  2. I'm greedy. I'd be perfectly content to take the reward without paying the price :)