Tuesday, March 15, 2005

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So, Scotty got me a present. A secret present. I now own a domain name. I used to own www.poetic-acceptance.com but it expired while we were offline. This is the sad replacement for that, and there was never anything there anyway. I had intended to make it a forum board/support group site for grieving parents. It never happened, because I can't do .php

Now I own

drumroll please. . .


It feels a bit egomaniacal, owning a site with my name. Especially since I really don't know what I'm even doing with it yet. I suppose at first it'll be basically an archive of my poetry, at least until I find a use for it that actually serves a purpose. It won't be a bereaved parent message board though. That's just too damn emotionally draining. I'd be all caught up in the stories of others who'd lost children, and constantly reminded of my own grief. I've finally gotten to a point in my life where I don't feel guilty for not thinking of her every minute of every day.

Vickie sent me the link to JAW Magazine. She thinks I should submit. I told her I would, and I will. I suppose if I'm never going to be anything more than mediocre, I may as well know it and accept it now. If I'm going to be rich and famous and the new thing to take the world by storm, I may as well get on it eh?

What a load of crap. But I suppose I have to start somewhere to get to wherever it is I end up. JAW Mag is as good a place as any. At least it's actually a hardcopy magazine, which is a sight better than a web based Ezine eh? I'm thinking about Ploughshares too, maybe not quite as seriously though, baby steps Erin, baby steps.

I have been unbelievably bored this evening. Moontown has been down, database upgrades or maintenance or some such thing. Doesn't Kyle know he's supposed to do that between 5am and 6am? Sheesh, these non-poet types!
However, that means I spent a lot of time on AC today, reading and commenting. There are a lot of cool people there. If the format were more personal/interactive, I'd love it a hell of a lot more than I do. There's a few folks there that are really talented, and a few who aren't so, but are awesome people, with a great attitude toward C&C, which is a good thing, a very good thing.

I spent a lot of time with Trish today -- who, for those who don't know her, which is all of you -- is my best friend, and I don't care if that sounds like elementary school. We've known each other since we were 11, and have been through hell and back together. She has a 4 year old with Cerebral Palsy, and just found out that she's pregnant. God bless her, I'm convinced she's insane, but she's an amazing mother, and I have no worries about her making it work. Anyway, she's always had a hard time with pregnancies, and has had several miscarriages, so when she fell this morning, she was pretty concered about the baby. She spent the day here, if for no other reason than to know she wasn't alone if anything happened. It was nice, other than being worried for her, and chasing Terra and Ethan (her nephew that she babysits, he's 1). We don't spend enough time together anymore.

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