Sunday, March 27, 2005

Isn't she lovely. . .

Isn't it Beautiful?
I'm in love with it, and the creator hereof is simply amazing.
Thanks again Erin, you rock! No oatmeal here!

. . . so the Easter eggs are done, my fingernails will be odd colors for a while but it was fun! And now we will all eat the 3 dozen eggs we dyed and fart for a week! Between the fart-jet propulsion and the sugar buzz, it should be interesting around here for a while.
Thank goodness it's getting warm enough to open up some windows - and to send the children out to play!

It's 2 a.m. again. I'll be damned if it doesn't happen every night. I'm really going to bed now.


  1. Wow! This is beautiful! Someone must love you an awful lot! *wink wink*

  2. Um...I was gonna come back with "dumbass," but you're not and that wouldn't be very nice. My point was that someone must love you an awful lot... Just trying to assure you of my true and undying affection and you have to go and start with the name-calling. Sheesh!! You need a good ass swatting!

  3. Wow all these sexual comments "ass swatting" and such.
    Anyway the blog looks great.

  4. the blog has no title that was what i was gonna say in my first comment but got side tracked with ass swatting
    META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="enter keywords here"
    META NAME="description" CONTENT="enter a description here"
    META NAME="author" CONTENT="enter your name here"

    Im just anal when it come to titles and meta tags lol

  5. lol Thanks Scotty - I fixed it :P and are you jealous that she's swatting my ass? Or jealous that you aren't getting to watch? ;)

  6. Lol, I usually blow off the meta tags in my own layouts - sorry! Shouldn't have assumed you wouldn't want/need them, too. And obviously I forgot to title it. DOH! Now I need my ass swatted! ;)

  7. This is confusing i can't get up with what erin is erin thats my erin ..