Friday, December 5, 2008


Go over there >>>>>>>

And buy package 2, *insert puppy dog eyes here*

wait, these might work better:

We've only had 40 people make purchases so far, but somehow we've managedto deliver nearly 400 bears to these kids, AND provide them with Christmas dinner before they went onbreak for the holidays. I feel so bad, they're out for nearly 6 weeks... and mmost of these kids ONLY eat one meal a day - at school. No idea what they're going to eat for the weeks they're out of school.

Anyway, seriously, Go to Teddy Bear and PLEASE purchase some packages for these kids, it's pretty cheap (as little as $10, which buys a bear, a box of food, and some cookies for the kids!) and no shipping costs because our South African team delivers the stuff themselves!

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  1. I jist sined up and gived sum munny.

    i put it under da name of mudder theresa for teh person i iwas tryin to ememorate.

    it is gud.

    jannie's cat
    Kit Kat