Friday, December 19, 2008

The Law of Attraction

According to proponents of this law, thoughts have an energy that attracts like energy.[2] In order to control this energy, proponents state that people must practice four things: [8]

Know what you want.
Ask the universe for it.
Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on its way.
Be open to receiving it.
Thinking of what one does not have, they say, manifests itself in not having, while if one abides by these principles, and avoids "negative" thoughts, the Universe will manifest a person's desires. [8]

Are you a believer, or non? I am a believer, although I admit freely that once I began to subscribe to this line of thought, my focus on the positive (and my purposeful habit of disregarding or refusing to "absorb" the negative) creates a breeding ground for synchronicity, causing me to be completely unable to truly, objectively, decide if it has caused more good to come into my life, or if it has just caused my perception and focus to shift.

Not that it matters, really - either way, life becomes more positive. Clouds start having silver linings, which I continue to focus on. And so the circle goes on.


  1. Last summer, when Beanpole was entrenched in a particularly long phase of negativity, I asked him, "Do you need to read The Secret?"

    "I've read it!" he barked.


    "And I HATE it. And the reason I hate it is that I KNOW it's the truth, and that makes ME responsible for all the bad shit in my life."


    Needless to say, I'm a believer, although I found the movie kind of cheezee. Before The Secret came out, we used to practice Esther Hicks's Placemat Process. It works. Keeps you focused on attracting good things, and eliminating, in a proactive and positive way, that which doesn't serve you.

    I think you make a good point, and that a combination of things happens. You open yourself to receiving, and you also squelch the static of your own negative thinking, so you stop rejecting good things that are trying to come to you but are showing up in unexpected forms.

  2. Erin. Lovely thoughts. Universal thoughts. They are what dives me. They give me purpose. I am universal. And we sow the seeds of thought. We cultivate them. They grow.

    And our perceptions are all we know (some have more perception or are more perceptive or have more levels of perception). I beileve that this has worked for you and is a direct result of your universal perceptions.

    Merry Christmas, old friend.

    ~ James

  3. Agreement correction: drive.

  4. Zilla~
    I think I have to agree, that it is a combination, and a shift in what you focus on.

    I have not read The Secret, actually, I never even heard of it till about a month ago... instead, I did the 29Day Giving Challenge, and it, by definition, made me see what I HAD more than what I DIDN'T
    It has caused quite the psychic shift, and has improved my life in many ways, both tangible and intangible.

    Hello love, how are you? I'm learning that you're right - perception is the root of truth, our truth is our perception of the world around us... and yes, it's beginning to work for me :)

    "I am Universal"

    I think I must steal that line. May I?

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  6. Steal not. I willing share.