Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just so ya know

I'm on flight US Air 1437 flying from Charlotte to Los Angelas tomorrow evening. Thought you guys would like to know that, in case there are any plane crashes, you'll know right away if you can stop reading my blog ;)

I'm in seat 13F. That's a window seat. Thought you'd like to know that so if you happen to live along the flight path, and see a plane screaming toward the ground, you know to check the windows for my terrified little face. No, I'm not waving because I'm excited to see you, so please do not wave back :)

Actually, I'm totally not worried about flying, or about crashing. I'm worried about getting lost between LAX and Cami's house. What a place to get lost, Los Angeles! How terrible that would be huh? Venice Beach sure seems like a terrible place to find myself, alone, with the Pacific Ocean, and the full moon, at high tide. Wow, just terrible.

*wonders how to make that happen*

I did the online check in a while ago, and printed out my boarding pass. That made it sink in that I'm really going to California tomorrow!. You'd think I was going to another country or something, with as excited as I am. I printed the pass, I hopped up, and cleaned my living room while I danced around.

I don't dance.

I don't actually clean my living room.

You know, just to explain how excited I am.


  1. This will be good practice for your trip to Africa.

    MrZ and I had a four hour lay-over at LAX and had plenty of time to take a cab to Venice Beach, have a good look around, do a little shopping, grab a coffee, take some pictures, and get back to LAX in time for the connecting flight to wherever we were going.

    If you happen to hit the tee-shirt stalls along the beach, I need a $4 black babydoll tee with rhinestone letters that say BITE ME, in size B (for buxom). Wore my old one out, dammit! I WILL pay you back!

  2. I'll be thinking of you in the airways:-)